James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation | Official Trailer | MasterClass

I live in Tuscany!!!

Dear lord…

This video was made for Berserkers. There are so many great quotes to lampoon, I don’t even know where to begin. But I will… “I don’t even mind trying white and red at the same time”. [head exploding]

OMG! He does poke a little fun at himself. I think the understatement of the decade is when he says he can even teach us how to be pretentious if we want!


I’m 86 points on that!

Where’d the hair go?!

OMG I love it!

Is it me, or does he look like a slightly chubbier Steve Martin?

I’m 91 pts.

Will there be a follow on seminar on cigar smuggling?

Where’s the scarf?

I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

Well, actually… [scratch.gif]

Thank you for making my day!

I say this as someone who has banned anyone from mentioning his scores to me when presenting a wine…that was actually a pretty decent promo video.

Between this and the video outside the fast food restaurant in France (and the epic “there’s no perfect wine/I’m 100 points on that” video), I’m beginning to respect him as performance art.

I’m all in here, can’t wait!

He realized that with Gary V sidelined, the field was open for video tasting. He’s pretty consistent and just like Gary V apparently got a few people into wine, he’s doing the same thing.

As for performance art, I’m not sure that’s entirely wrong. But he has his schtick and it’s working.

Fun video.

Can’t wait for the rest.

Wonder if he’ll wear his MAGA hat in the videos. neener

I think anything that helps people who are intimidated by the world of wine become less so, allowing them to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of what can be a wonderful hobby/experience, is a fantastic thing. That said…

…up to 15 points for color???

OMFG, I couldn’t make it past 40 seconds without laughing until I cried

Blind people can only drink 85pt wines. [cheers.gif]

Maybe I’ll get lambasted for this but I actually think it looks good - it will be quite helpful to the hopeful wine geek crowd.

Kim is back! [cheers.gif]