Jacques Lassaigne Extra Brut BdB, Le Cotet

Disclaimer: we sell this. We just got this in, and I was eager to give it a try.

Appearance: Clear light straw
Nose: Apple skin, chalk, lemon curd
Mouth: Bone dry like the Sahara. At first, it blows me away how dry this wine is, but then you notice its great richness. I’ve never had an XBT so tasty. Lemon, croissant, great minerality, lasting finish. I’m a fan.


According to some little birdies this house is in the style of Jacques Selosses. Did you notice any similarity? I know this is non-dose so that might make it very different.

I’ve never had Selosse. Would love to tell you one day!

I personally don’t find Lassaigne to taste like Selosse - but the former I wish I owned more of.

I don’t have tons of experience with them but I don’t see any similarity either. The Le Cotet was a bit odd to me - concentrated, mineral, yes, very fresh but with a vanilla apple creme character, sweet fruited and showing sweet oak, that I didn’t care for. Aging may help, perhaps a lot, but I wasn’t impressed enough to want to buy any. I’ve been told the other bottlings are actually more interesting so I look forward to trying more…

according to our buyer, the wine sees 10% neutral oak and the rest is done in stainless. But it is a very lush tasting wine.


I’d heard 10% new oak and thought it showed more. Whatever the character was, it struck myself and another as very vanilla-apple-spicy, almost sugar cookie like. I’ve hears similar comments from one or two other people, but I’ve also heard lots of adulation. Presumably just different lots and/or palates…

I don’t really see any similarities between Lassaigne and Selosse, but Emmanuel Lassaigne has modeled some parts of his total “game” (meaning more than just the wine) after Selosse so some link exists there and gets the two mentioned in the same breath - which in my opinion they really shouldn’t be.