It's Friday, 5/9/09...What's Everyone Eating This Weekend?

Tonight: Flannery Wagyu & CA Reserve Rib Caps, roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and whole garlic cloves and three cheese potato gratin. This will be for our big 2005 BDX tasting.

Tomorrow: TBD

Sunday: Whole side of soy/blood orange marinated salmon cooked on cedar plank with grilled asparagus.


What do you say about doing some Sushi tonight?

It’s possible…I’ll have to get back to you on that. It would have to be early.

Tonight - Yoshi’s in San Francisco for Japanese with Jason Brandt Lewis, Lynn, Christianne and Douglas

Saturday Night - pizza and Pizzeria Nostra in SF

Sunday - Pork Fest II*

*Menu - assorted salumi, cooked sausage
Chipotle meatballs with chipotle lime mayonnaise
Pulled Pork Nachos
Pulled pork with mushroom ragout on sweet potato cakes
papardelle bolognese
dried fruit stuffed pork tenderloin with bacon sherry vinaigrette
Dessert - TBD most likely, ice cream with maple syrup and a bacon, toasted hazelnut topping

Fortunately Pork Fest only happens 2x per year…otherwise, i eat very little bacon/pancetta…

Tonight- Probably pizza and Barbaresco at Andiamo after wine tasting at Susan’s.

The rest of the weekend - who knows?

Bob, good looking Porterhouse there.

It’s from the supermarket, believe it or not. “Certified Angus”. Too good-looking to pass up, even though they went on sale the next day.

At that point it would have been certified angus, dry-aged too!!! And on sale. I’d take it back and have them refund the difference [highfive.gif]

Wha Happened?
I thought I was posting in Food and Wine, now we’re all hoighty toighty.

Anyway, since I’m working late tonight and Saturday…that leaves Sunday!

Sunday~Grilled Costco skirts w/chili, lime, ginger, soy, marinade and hot smoked salmon filet with scallion/cilantro mayo. (and maybe some crabcakes, we’ll see how I feel)

Tomorrow I am going to grill the last of the lamb racks from my benevolent meat benefactor. And also courtesy of Mr. Flannery, of course.

[notworthy.gif] [notworthy.gif]

Move up to the good stuff…

Not available in California. [nea.gif]

Free shipping…" onclick=";return false;

Untrue, untrue!!

We’ve purchased not only this type, but the ‘Wisconsin White Cheddar’ version…in CA

I’ll have to double check but I think our local butcher, Ver Brugge, has this on the counter for sale…if not it looks remarkably similar.