It's been too long! Pizza!

Caramelized Vidalia Onions, smoked sausage, Swiss, fresh Moz, ramps


A little late to post, but I’ve had some great pizza in the Philippines.

This was my favorite of them all (December, 2023 in El Nido).

Made half dozen pies last weekend this was our favorite (homemade meatballs, basil, mixed cheese blend).


big fan of even basil distribution like this. I’ve thought about even chopping it up into parm as a topping doing a green cheese sprinkle

This is our favorite pizza of the past year or so. My wife makes an awesome Eggplant Caponata. One way to eat it is loaded up on crusty bread or cracker. Well, pizza crust is pretty similar so we load up the crust with the Caponata, bake and enjoy a feast!


This is making me want spicy eggplant pizza!

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If I could cut you a big slice of the above I would cuz that is exactly the taste. Spicy eggplant!

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I’ve been actually using soups as pizza sauces :rofl: Trader Joes lobster bisque for example.

Mango, Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, and a Homemade Pizza Sauce

Cagayan de Oro City


Just found this topic now and happy to make my first post in it. :slight_smile:

My Neapolitan pizza journey has been exciting. From making my own to visiting Naples and Casserta to sample some of the world’s best has been fun and enlightening.

My latest and may I add best version is here right now. Saturday’s pizza was from a dough made 1 week earlier. The Caputo Aria has proven to be the exact product to fit my needs. It had not deteriorated one bit and had tremendous character and pleasant bite.

All was aligned when this dough came together with the sparest amount of tomato passata and freshest and stingiest mozzarella came together. 4 minutes on my Napoleon grill with back/rotisserie burner was used like a NASA engineer : high, low, spin, spin, etc.
I believe it to be my best ever. So did my wife and kids. My daughter even gave me a 9.2. just so we are understanding her scoring, she have Da Michele Naples about a 7.5.

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