It's been too long! Pizza!

The pizza threads seemed to disappear around here lately. I must not let that happen.
Homemade dough
sliced mozzarella
homemade San Marzano sauce
grated parmigiano reggiano
fresh basil
W-S pizza stone, preheated for 45 mins
515 for 8.5 minutes


Have you been playing with any different yeasts in your pies? Wild Yeast starters or Sour Dough!!

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I’ve been using Chris Bianco’s recipe this winter, about 3 batches so far. It’s been a bit of an epiphany. Thin and light, with crust and chew. I’ve not tried Caputo 00 or Varasano’s recipe, but I’m not sure I really need to look much farther than this. Go to Martha Stewart’s website (That’s right, Martha Stewart!) and search for “Chris Bianco pizza”.

I just quickly looked at Bianco’s recipe - thanks for posting that - and unless I made a mistake in my calculation, it looks to be at least 70% hydration, which seems mighty high to me. I have found even the 65% in the vera pizza napoletano recipe has been too wet for me, and have gotten better results at about 60%. It probably depends on where one lives, as I am certain that Bianco has significantly less humidity in Phoenix than I have up here in the NW.

Anson Mill’s Pizza Maker’s Flour
85% hydration, instant yeast
San Marzanos
Fresh mozzarella
5:30 at 550F, Fibrament baking stone

A few people in the thread on Modern Cuisine mentioned using a steel plate placed just below the broiler ion order to make a quick pizza at home. Anyone tried this technique?

Jeff… I’m currently making ( having made ) a stainless steel plate 3/8" thick that will fit in the oven. 14 " x 18 ".

will report back in a few weeks, it will be here Monday 3/14 but… busy for a few weeks

Bumping the Pizza thread again!!

This I made last night in 30 mins, I used 1/2 cup of 110 degree water, Table spoon of Trader Joe honey, 1.5 teaspoon Red Star Quick rise yeast, pinch of salt, and add Red Mill Flour to it comes together, ( 1- cup ) ? Need for 5 mins… mean time get oven heating to 550, I also heated the cook top grate for a min, after kneading the dough, cover with olive oil, and placed on the warmed grill plate to rise 5 mins, I got out a 9 by 13 sheet pan, add a liberal amount of olive oil… this is to fry the dough first, after the 5 min rise, I spread the dough, docking and into the hot oven to pre-fry the crust . Remove and toppings. dress with Rao’s Sauce, meatballs, mushrooms, bacon , romano, and oregano, black pepper… reduce temp… bake at 400 fro 10-12 mins

I served this with a left over 07 Cliff Lede Cab… as the Cocks finished the Gators off [cheers.gif]

Paul, Nice job!
Especially for the time it took to produce such a good looking pie.

Summer is almost here (going to get up to 60 today, even with the rain, I think), so I am starting to try to figure out how to make pizza in the Weber. I bought an inexpensive stone for the grill, and tried it out using close to a 70% hydration, sort of like the Bianco recipe. I liked the feel of that dough quite a bit,much more so than in the past when I tried some higher hydrations. I didn’t get the grill nearly hot enough, so it took more than 15 minutes to get the top the way I like it, but the bottom was excellent, so they cooked at the same rate. Not a bad first effort. I would have taken pictures, but the vultures were on them as soon as I took them out. I need to use a lot more charcoal, I guess. I also need to let the stone heat up longer.

That’s what got me kind of excited!! I had just finished playing indoor soccer for an hr and wanted to get on to the baseball game…

So I had to think of some quick ideas, measured water, dough by feel, quick rise ( on the warm burner ), and your idea of making a Sicilian pizza ? ( the one you cooked in abundant olive oil )

Its not a preferred method… but worked!!



Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza with Caramelized Fennel
by: Jerry James Stone

2010 North Coast Viognier from Cline Cellars.

Jeff…I have always wanted to build a stainless steal dome…with an open front…to put on my stone…to move the heat sourch closer to the pie…say 6-8 inches…to help get the top done at a faster rate

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Paul, this works for me. This year sans aluminum covering but the heat is concentrated around the pie nicely.

Here is one I did just last Friday with pretty good results. Wood burned, charred, browned, and crunchy/crispy.

Thanks MIke…

Sounds like something to play with!!

Nice looking pie Mike. My girlfriend has requested a grilled pizza this weekend. I am happy to oblige with a goat cheese vegetable variant.

Gorgonzola, Fig and Pancetta Pizza

Pairing Suggestion:
Beer Since this pizza has a lot going on—from creamy cheese to sweet figs—pair it with a refreshing lager, like Tasmania’s James Boag’s. A sparkling rosé, like the NV Jansz Premium Rosé, would also work.

Mike - can you give complete directions on method of making and handling the dough? I don’t want “fried” like Paul’s, just oven-baked.
I have not made pizza since my daughter was born - ummm, 17 years!

Of course, Merrill.
Mine is 500 g bread flour
325 g water
10 g salt (I use sea)
7 (package) g of dry yeast

I put everything together and do a quick mix, then into the KitcehAid it goes. Worm dough hook until it pulls away from the sides. Cut this in half and place into 2 oiled dough retarding pans ( ) into the fridge it goes. I get better result in about 4 days. I remove about 2 hours early and work dough once again and cover and let rest. I use as much bench dough as needed and I NEVER use a rolling pin. Let me know if you need additional help.

BTW, please look for the new Berserker/Pobega Pizza blog right here on this site sometime this week, It’s called ‘DIY Pie’.

Yeah, my head is swimming after reading this. I need help. I think it is called “LSEDI pie” - Let Someone Else Do it Pie.
I advertised (I think it was last week) for a man to cook every night - must live out - and all the takers I got was 1: Tex - saying sorry, he’s married. and 2) Bob Wood. Of course he wanted a plane ticket. Tra Vigne Pizzeria is looking better and better flirtysmile .