It's 6/19/09...What's Everyone Eating This Weekend?

Tonight will be something light due to tomorrow night being high in calories.

Pan Roasted Flannery Rack of Lamb with market greens salad & roasted garlic vinagrette

Trio of Flannery Steaks…Saritoga, Strip & Hanger served with jalapeno & Vermont cheddar Yukon Gold mashers and haricot vert.

Desert from Kristi

Sunday should be a chunk of cured and smoked salmon with a fresh veggie.

Tonight’s BBQ:


  • Ribeye, Fresh Halibut, Filet Tips bathed in spicy BBQ sauce for 4+ hours.


  • Caprese salad, potato salad, green beans w/ shallots


  • Garlic bread


  • Mixed cheese plate, dessert (unknown)


  • TBD, but likely red

I don’t know about tonight, but tomorrow I’m smokin’ me a brisket.

Is that the wet aged critter you been talkin’ about?

Tonight - meeting friends at Houston’s in SF to take advantage of free corkage

Tomorrow (Sat) - Shanghai Dumpling House in SF - Ed Kurtzman and Andrew Vingiello may join us and another couple

Sunday night - Traci’s cooking

I’ve been talking about steaks but yeah . . . I aged this one, too.

FRI: Kitchen on the Common with PMC, Michael M and Andy J before the Marty’s preview

SAT: **Calling all beef experts**.... help me with marbling scores! - Epicurean Exploits - Food and Recipes - WineBerserkers" onclick=";return false;

SUN: Fathers day dinner, prime rib!

Tonight after the wine tasting at Susan’s, we’ll have tamales and a salad with avocado.

The rest of the weekend is TBD.

Birthday Weekend continues tonight at Motherufckin’ Sushi Buckhead and then tomorrow at Varasano’s Pizzeria . . .

Refer to avatar for tonight

SAT/SUN [dontknow.gif]

Got some fresh, locally caught Halibut at the Farmers Market today!!

Suggestions on preparing it?

Tonight: Sushi

Tomorrow: Roasting/smoking a dry-rubbed, 9 pounder Picnic Shoulder on the Weber. Will shoot for 7 hours. Coleslaw, Brussels Sprouts & cornbread will be on the side.

Sunday: In the mood for steak tartare and/or moules frites. Hopefully the wife will oblige and take me out for my 1st Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

Last night, grilled Copper River Salmon wrapped in sake soaked Alder “sheets” w/ a 2006 Kutch Pinot Noir McDougall Ranch.

Tonight, grilled Rib Eyes with a 2004 Mas Doix Selanques.

I love summer.

We have an old friend visiting who spent several years living in Italy.

Last night we had broiled King Salmon with Ponzu sauce.

Tonight I made a Caprese salad (I can get terrific fresh mozzarella, home grown basil, and great Tuscan olive oil, which compensates for the damn plastic tomatoes). Then I made perhaps the best Risotto ai Funghi I have ever made. I worked rather hard on the broth, which is a pretty major feature of risotto, and I even fried up some marrow for the top of each serving. Served with a Moccagata Basarin Barbaresco, 1996, which absolutely sang with the dish.


Tonight we had black bean soup, a green salad, and a zinfandel.

We have had a great food and wine week. Almost decadent! Tonight will be four heirloom tomatoes with good olive oil and salt. Maybe I’ll throw together a quick pasta.

Tomorrow, I’ll be having brunch with friends at a Mexican resto since the guy in my avatar is flying east at the crack of dawn. Hope he has a happy Father’s Day. Same to all the dads on the board.

Planning to start with Lightly Salted Kettle Chips, followed by a Full of Life Flatbread (3 cheese and herbs) topped with prosciutto and parmiggiano slices, and I’ll finish with some Phish Food ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

That’s the closest I could think of of the equivalent of an “Saturday night at home internet dinner” (no TV around to make it a TV dinner).

Last night (NOLA) was HerbSaint. August tonight. Stella tomorrow night. [gen_fro.gif]

These working weekends are hell!!!

I need a shrieking smiley!

[diablo.gif] [diablo.gif] [diablo.gif]

Tonight~salvation. The best Porterhouse Stacey can find at Wegmans and K Vintners Morrison Lane Syrah '06. …sigh.


To celebrate the first day of summer, we had the following:

Appetizer: Grilled Sausages - Shepherd’s Lamb with Green Chile, Shepherd’s Lamb with Italian Seasoning, Cajun Smoked Pork & Alligator; with Carollee’s stuffed cucumbers

Mains: First French Label Rouge of the season from Pollo Real, rotisserie’d, with Farmers’ Market sugar snap peas and diced baby carrots

Dessert: Five cheeses - Old Chatham Sheeps’ Milk Blue, Bleu d’Auvergne, St. Andre, Chaumes, & Drunken Goat with mixed nuts