It’s been too long, Old Vines Offline - Updated 8-2-21

With COVID vaccinations in our rear view I’m ready to ramp up and host another Old Vines Event.

Your bottle doesn’t have to be old but the vines the grapes came from do.

Where: Casa Tuite - Forestville
Date: Sat Aug 7th
Time: 2-3ish til the Stonekings wear out [wink.gif]
Theme: Old Vines - Red/White
Sub-theme: Ridge Vineyards
Brian and Dava
Alan and Karen Rath
Albert Rego +1
Mike and Dana Stoneking
Ed and Becky Steinway
Princess Hansen
Cris Whetstone
Richard Foxall & Deb Levine +2
Marty and Linda Sparks
Gene Matter
Dave McMillan

Bring your vaccination card.

8-2-21 Update
We are 5 days out.

I plan on grilling some Flannery: Tri-Tip, Rib Eyes, Jorges, Hangers…
For the non-meat eaters we have a killer Salmon Burger w/Green Goddess Dressing recipe from John Ash
Bill’s Special Corn
Alan is bringing Salad
Shawnda is bringing sauces and home baked Sourdough
I’ll make Bruschetta from my garden veggies
Assorted cheeses
Assorted Desserts

I have plenty of stems but only 1 decanter (2 if Richard remembers to return my GoVinvo) Others are bringing decanters so we are covered if necessary.

WeatherCurrent forecast is for a game-time temp of 90°. Dress code is extremely casual, shorts and t-shirt. Bring layers just in case. I have a heater on the back deck and normally we don’t need it but you never know.

Wines: we have the following confirmed so far.

Some bubbles to start

‘19 Bedrock Compagni Portis
I’ll pull a vertical of Oakville Farmhouse vintages TBD
‘12 Monte Rosso

Geyserville ‘97, ‘01, ‘02
Home Ranch -‘91
Hooker Creek ‘14
Lytton Springs ‘93, ‘98, ‘01, ‘08
Lytton Syrah/Grenache/Mataro ‘14
Monte Bello ‘99
Nervo LH ‘99
Pagani - ‘93
York Creek Cab Sauv vTBD
York Creek PS - ‘77

‘00 Sebastiani Domenici
‘07 Mayo Ricci
‘09 Buchagnini-Garcia shiner
‘18 Biricino St Georges Old Vine
McCrea Ciel du Cheval Mourvèdre

‘15 Rattlesnake Ridge

Directions: PMs were sent, we’re a go.

I could be convinced. Got some Ridge and probably other selections. Can’t do July.

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June is too soon, Aug and Sep work for me.

We will be in Sonoma/Napa the last week of July and first week of August. The first week August would work for us. The last time we attempted this at your place… I’ll leave it at that.

2017? Yeah, that one didn’t go too well. [pwn.gif]

We’ll pencil in the 7th and see where everyone else stands.

I think we’re available, count us in for now!

Yeap, you remember! Sucked the big one for many. We were going to fly out on the 7th but I will gladly move it to the 8th or 9th.


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I’m highly likely. I suspected you’d be getting restless.

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Only you bring your lovely wife!

I have a crazy busy August (daughter going to college!) but I will do my best

Of course. Maybe we’ll find some accommodations nearby and make a weekend of it. As long as one kid is still home to keep an eye on the dog–not going to have a repeat of the food possessiveness again-- we can pull that off.

Case Ranch Inn

Or, Roger and Lisa’s favorite haunt…
Raford Inn

Both are within a mile of my house.

I’ll look at those, for sure, big question is always whether there’s a 2 night minimum. August will be crazy–thanks to COVID-influenced waitlist policies, we don’t where, when or whether we’ll be taking the younger daughter to college. But we’ll do our best to be there.

Fox, from the Raford Inn website (and yes, this is our favorite B&B and we’ve stayed in quite a few):
“Weekend Bookings- There is a 2 night minimum stay required for weekends and a 3 night minimum for some holidays and special events. Please check with the Innkeepers as there may be single Friday or Saturday night stays available on occasion.”

Brian, if your event happens to get moved to sometime during the first two weeks of October then I’m definitely in and Lisa, Bing and Debbie may be there as well.

Round 2? Hell yeah!

My wife and I would be interested. We have a few Old Vine bottles that we can share!


That’s great Ed! Hopefully all the ducks line up. Look forward to meeting you both.