Israel - Restaurant Suggestions

I’m heading to Israel with my parents, in-laws, wife and two daughters (13-11) for the last two weeks of August. The five adults other than me have been before, but not in a while. We have a private tour guide and an itinerary that my wife has worked out with the tour guide. However, she has asked me to get some restaurant suggestions for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Any help? Doesn’t have to be fancy…just good. Wine is not a priority here, good food and a fun atmosphere take precedence.

I’ve got a 24 year old son living in Tel Aviv but he has the culinary sophistication of an old blind pig. He believes Cane’s chicken fingers and Kraft mac and cheese are benchmarks of food invention. Plus, on what he is making at his job, he can’t afford to eat at any place with linen napkins and tablecloths. Most of his food comes in a bag with a plastic sfork included. He says that you can expect to find hummus and vegetables on 99% of anything else you happen to order. That said, he was home for a visit recently and he looks healthier than ever. This is no doubt due to a lack of Cane’s and Chipotle’s in Tel Aviv.

What I said in this thread :

Was there in Jan.

Oasis was really good.

Abu Hassan is reputed as best hummus in the world. Not going to argue that.

Tasting Room is a really cool underground wine bar. Great glass selection of Israeli wines.

The Imperial is a world-class cocktail bar.

eta - The Tasting Room is in Sarona (a really interesting area of Tel Aviv, btw)


get the falafel. you’ll love it!

Definitely see my recommendations in the thread above. I highly recommend Miznon. I went to the one in Paris and it is good but not nearly as good as the one in Tel Aviv. I had many great meals this year but their simple pita still has me thinking!