ISO: The Best Mett or Mettbrötchen in Germany

I’m travelling to Germany soon and would like to seek the best Mett or Mettbrötchen in all the land. I will be in the Mosel, Frankfurt, Nuremburg and Munich. For me, this is the most important thing I will do in Germany. I’d love to hear your recommendations for places to go nearish those areas. Ideally I’d love to find a few artisan shops, either hipster or traditional.

I realize this is a really specific request, so if you have an idea where else I might ask, please let me know.

I’ve never seen it on a Mosel menu, I thought it more a Norther German dish.

Good luck.

Thank you. I’ve seen it extensively in the other cities I’ve mentioned so I’m hoping to have some luck. Obviously, I can just walk down the street and find it but I’m hoping for some insider knowledge on the Best.

Very rustic! You´re looking for this???

Common in Berlin Martin? I don’t remember seeing it at any of the currywurst spots.

yes! here in America we have low standards for pork handling so it isn’t legal to serve raw pork for fear of trichinosis. I make it myself, of course, but I want to eat the real thing. [snort.gif] [snort.gif] [snort.gif]

Not at the Currywurst spots. But you could buy it in supermarkets. Fair to say that this is not top-quality. Best are old-school butchers.


you will find it, but not in big cities. You have to look for old-school butchers in little towns.

I would assume that in Nuremberg and Frankfurt you will find it.

Good luck,

you will have trouble finding Ochsenschwanzsuppe in Bavaria now, too, not a problem when I lived there in the 70s.

thanks! I’ll add that to the list.

I think of Mett as being more northern Germany. I used to live near Rostock and ate it regularly. We bought it at a local butcher shop in Bad Doberan and it was delicious. I would ask around for old traditional butcher shops (metzgerei).

I did find this resource you can find butchers with it.

Does this mean you will bring Mett to PDX?

can’t bring meat of any kind from Europe. besides, my suitcase will be full of more valuable things, like 3 cases of Riesling…

No I meant will you get someone making it?

can’t sell raw pork for consumption in America, to my knowledge.