ISO 1970's bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill

I am in search of an original 1970’s bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine. I am 67 and my wife of 45 years has just been cleared of her stage four colon cancer. We met in 1976 over several bottles of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (where I gave her the nick name of Motor Mouth and to this day call her Motor). We knew each other for 7 months before we got married. Its been an “interesting journey”. I can buy a new bottle but I thought how much fun and surprise it would be if I could find a bottle from “our time” to celebrate her recovery. I believe it to be a long shot but so was surviving stage four cancer.


Good luck in your search, Jimmy - to be honest, the wines aren’t “built to age”, so you are probably better served looking for a current release.

I had to comment because the first wine I ever consumed was Boone’s Farm - I believe my junior year in high school - although it may have been Wild Mountain Grape instead of Strawberry Hill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wine_glass:

I don’t mean this to be negative, but does Boone’s even have vintage years on it?

Congratulations to you and your wife! That is amazing news.

I have no idea where you could find the wine, but doubt it would be good even if you found it.

Yes congrats to you and your wife! I can’t imagine why anyone would be concerned or wonder if it’s still good!? If I had one I would send it to you in a second! If you drink it or just save it for the memory good luck!

Find & refill bottle with drinkable juice ? [wow.gif]


I have been watching the auction sites and combing the web, that’s how I found this site. If I could even find an empty one from our time, I figure I could take sometime and clean it enough to fill it with the new. Heck after a bottle or two we might even get hitched again or maybe a 1/2 since I have not drank in 30 years She’s pretty special and we both could use the memories (I have terminal disease myself). If this fails I will think of something else, it was the 70’s and if you were there you understand.

As for vintage years on the bottle, nawww. Heck we didn’t even know what vintage meant, if it was the shelf and had dust on it that was vintage.

It’s a touching gesture. Good luck in your search and to both of you in your health.

Maybe ebay for an old bottle?

Already watching

Wishing you and your wife the best of health, Jimmy. I hope you’re able to locate that elusive bottle.

Have you contacted Boone’s Farm? I realize that they have probably changed hands since the 70’s, but worth a shot with your story. Best wishes to you and the Mrs.


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Maybe Dave Butner can help.

Good Luck!

There’s probably a best by date on them

I believe Boone’s Farm is still a Gallo brand. It couldn’t hurt to reach out to them to see if they can help.

Yeah, maybe a long time employee has a secret stash, or Gallo has kept some (empty) older bottles or they could recreate the 70’s label for you…

Based on the circumstances, if I was Gallo/Boone’s Farm I would go out of the way to make a meaningful memory for you and the Mrs. and cover all expenses (shipping costs should be the most).

Yep Boone’s Farm was my first thought. I know its a long shot and I will keep looking, the worst I can do is a new bottle for my old flame. As a side note she had to have a colostomy and we named it Gary, when the time came to reverse it we threw him a going away party. Complete with balloons, crape paper streamers, cake, her favorite candy and even a steak diner. Thank you all for your help and best wishes.


If no luck on this, good Sauternes and German sweet wines were made in 1976 that aren’t unreasonable, for example Climens for $150 a bottle and Gilette at $238 a bottle.


If you’re in the Chicago area, shoot me a message. I don’t have any Boone’s Farm, but maybe Motor would like a bottle of pink Champagne?

Do you have and Cold Duck, Corey?