Isn't It Too Cold To Ship?

I’m surprised by how many emails I’m receiving that my wine is about to be shipped or is on its way. I’m delaying what I can. Isn’t it too cold to ship to the northeast at this moment?

I was just going to ask, how cold is too cold for wine? I have some fragile expensive old bottles pending that I need by Friday but don’t want to kill them…

By the weekend it will be perfect. Today, not so much.

I would say Yes. I like to look at the path of how my wine will get to me and not have lows below 39F anywhere along the route. You don’t want it sitting at a Truck stop for 10 Hours at 17F.

I shipped wine to GA last week without issues.

Now: Yes

This weekend into next week: maybe.

Perhaps I’ll actually get my BD wines! :frowning:

This week is a bad week to ship, but the past 2 were great in the southeast and in the southern shipping route.

Left today 3 day ground from Ca. Not thrilled! [head-bang.gif]

3 days to where? Ground from Ca in 3 days is AZ, UT. 3 day select is Air.

UPS 3 day to CT

Yeah, Cirq just shipped 3 day air Cali to Ohio, Liquid Farm shipped yesterday Cali to Ohio by Friday. It is just barely above freezing as the high today but warmer each day for the next week. KB is set to ship next week for me.

I brought this up in the BD thread and was disagreed with.

I had a shippment back when it was really cold (Jan) from Loring (shipper made a mistake). The wine arrived with no signs of freezing (lifted caps). In fact it was delayed due to weather so it was out there longer than usual! I think the cold issue may be overblown. Heat is another matter, but if the wine does not freeze (and corks or caps are not pushed up), I think you are OK. Loring also offered to send new wine if there was an issue.

That’s air - can’t drive it to CT that fast.

BTW, what is the freezing point of wine? Any reason to be concerned if the wine doesn’t freeze?

I’ve never had an issue with a first delivery attempt package. The only ones I have lost were second attempts that presumably sat outside over a weekend in a truck.

In Minnesota, the cold issue is not overblown. I had a 6 pack shipped to me in cold weather a few weeks ago(not my choice). They shipped on monday and I received on friday, so I thought I might be ok, hoping the wine wouldn’t be exposed to low temps for too long. Nope, all 6 bottles had either the corks pushed out or wine leaking out the cork. Years ago, I didn’t take the cold seriously, and I asked to have a shipment sent to me. It was supposed to be delivered on friday, but was delayed by a few hours, so the wine sat on the FEDEX truck outside all weekend, and all the wines broke.

We shipped a wine to NY right before the polar vortex hit and this is what happened.

Now we hold off on all shipments when the 7 day forecast has temps below freezing along the truck route.

Hm… experiencing the other end of the spectrum this coming week in LA. It’s gonna be in the low 80’s and wineries are shipping to us.

Its funny. I’ve gotten multiple messages from different vineyards telling me not to worry that my wine is safe and sound in cali waiting for nicer weather so that it can be shipped to MN. Imagine my surprise when I got some wine last week(neg zero temps). You would think if some are holding back out of concern for the wines; all would hold it. oh well.

Steve, I think your shipment to CT this week should be ok, as Thurs.Fri/Sat looks on the cold side but not artic, so should be ok with styro packaging. [cheers.gif]