Is this the future of SF Chronicle Wine Articles?


to be fair, it was denoted as an “ode”.

I think that I shall never have plonk,

that tastes as good as cabernet franc.

They can take all the cabernet sauvignon,

and use it to serve the snooty vigneron.



Tiresome to read.

OMG. Is this the replacement for Jon Bonne?

I don’t know what you guys want. The piece was simple and straight to the point. No pretension, no promotion, just a nice thought about wine, hopefully to stimulate someone to go learn a little more. And frankly right on the money.

Alan, Not every Cabernet Franc is Loire in style. What is missing in the article are guideposts on two or three examples from different regions that would inform the reader of styles. Why not mention the other parent of Cabernet Sauvignon? The artwork is more than a little odd as well.

I would guess not. It looks like this is Food52 content that’s automatically fed into the SFGate website.

This isn’t the future of the Chronicle’s wine writing. It’s the future of journalism. With papers feeling incredible economic pressures, expect this sort of “outsourcing” to become far more common, in all facets of the paper.

Of course not every Cab Franc is Loire in style, that’s why the writer mentions that her favorite style of Cab Franc comes from the Loire :wink: I agree it might have been nice to list a few guideposts. OTOH, I found it refreshing that she didn’t make a list, and instead just put the challenge out there to anyone interested to go learn more.

Have you ever had a really little kid tell a joke they made up? You know the feeling…You try to pay attention to where it’s going and then it just ends abruptly with no point.

That’s how I feel now.

In the author’s defense, maybe an editor chopped the hell out of it. I have to think there was more initially.

The article doesn’t tell the reader how to actually find any CF from the Loire. If this is pointed at casual/beginner drinkers, are they going to make the leap & realize that the Loire Cab Francs on the shelf are actually going to say Chinon, Bourgeuil, Saumur etc on the label?

Alan- I totally get it that everything doesn’t have to be so serious, and agree that a lighter, friendlier approach to wine writing would likely result in more people being a bit more adventurous in what they try. I find this piece/article whatever actually adverse to that.

I’m cool with that. For whatever reason, it’s simplicity spoke to me.

I always felt the Chron should be the wine expert on everything west of the mIssissipi and then some, then the articles could be syndicated…the Chron would make money and the hearsts would be happy.

So they hired J Bonne, who rip the Golden State a new one.

Now is the next step outsourcing??

Had not seen an article on wine since Jon left.

It’s identified as content “provided by Food52” and the author works for Food52 in New York and is the “Editor for Partnerships,” which probably means she creates content for websites.

So this isn’t the Chronicle’s new wine writer. I very much doubt this runs in the hard-copy paper, either.