Is there any chance any one of those is legit?

Dude is selling rare vintages of Petrus every weekend and seems to reach into Roumier now as well…



nothing for sale anymore

The first four “Petrus”(extremely sought after!), '47, '49, '59 and '61, all have negociant labels, and therefore hard to judge. -And also [u]very easy to reproduce!!!
The capsules are neutral, and could be from any random cheaper age-correct bottling. The corks are also not branded with chateau names! (Sometimes with the bottlers name.)

The often genuine labels are easy to buy, and attach on a bottle. Many wine-label collectors sell and buy, and plenty for sale on Amazon/eBay.
These are IMO bottles so dubious that they only can be sold via these large, unchecked, not responsible, private international “auctions”. CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!
No wise collectors wants this type of “Petrus” in their collections. But many naive/new victims can be attracted, as it’s shown by the number of bidders (and the low pricing/bids…).

This contamination of our great hobby goes on every day, around the world.

If it looks to good to be true… [pwn.gif]

Regards, Søren.

Extremely clean labels, probably not legit for wines 55 years old

All four bottles, 47-49-59 and 61 from OPs link, are now sold for around $1300/btl. !

But now this “1966 Petrus” is for sale, different seller. Fixed price €2,559.00
And this one is Highly Suspect!

Note the Chateau label and the wrong neutral capsule.
(The correct 1966 chateau-capsules are metallic red, with white letters on the sides.)

Here, the ugly one for sale :
1966 Suspect Petrus, Chateau label, with wrong generic capsule.jpg
And here for comparison, the correct capsule, used by the chateau :
1966 Petrus (512x997).jpg
Another 1966 chateau bottle , from a different angle :
1966 petrus2.jpg
(The last two bottle pictures are not confirmed genuine, but represents the way the capsules should look.)
Edit : An extra 1966 correct capsule pic.

Edit again : The more I look at the middle picture, the more it also looks [scratch.gif] fishy! Regarding the length of the capsule. It looks too long for a 1966, where the cork-bottom often can be seen.
But it doesn’t change the view on the suspect bottle for sale, with the wrinkled, flat red, no letters, capsule.

So sad to watch…


This week’s finest: a 3 litre Jeroboam (sic!) of 1961 Petrus. Description says it is original, so what could go wrong?

L.P. Lacoste-Loubat is maybe the key…but maybe with a greater label…
also a nice 1961 label…

Observations :
-Very pristine overall appearance for that age.
-A wax capsule? -And it is looking brand new, no cracks or dents…
-The fresh label is peculiar. It has a different layout (younger), with the Lacoste name added, and “Mis en bouteille…” is placed under the names.
The “1961” is also in a different font, clearly wider numbers.
I don’t know of any later releases of '61s, that could explain these issues.
It should be mentioned that Mme. Loubat died in 1961. Followed by Mme. Lily Lacoste-Loubat and M. Lignac (and a small share was left to JP Moueix to equal the two heirs). So there were some re-arrangements in the house early in the Sixties.

Here, a 1961 Petrus mag to compare with.
1961 Petrus mag.jpg
And one more. (Not confirmed genuine, from the 1995 Rodenstock Münich tasting.)
1961 petrus (Rodenstock tasting 1995).jpg
NB. Infamous Hardy Rodenstock, is NOT a good reference, I know, but it’s still a better looking bottle than the average ones seen.

A lot of documentation and positive conversations with Ch. Petrus, could change My mind. But for now, a waxed 3L, -No Thank You!

Best regards, Søren.