Is there a moon phase that is best to begin wine making in?

I’ve searched the books I have and the Internet. In some of the net articles I have read it eludes to a moon chart that winemakers use, but I haven’t found a recommendation of what phase the moon should be in when one starts their winemaking. Can anyone help me?

Whatever phase the moon is in when your grapes are ready to be picked is the right one.

Biodynamic farming supposedly uses phases of the moon among other things, but no objective study has shown the results are any different than conventional organic farming.

Absolutely there is.


Oh wait…the grapes are ready, but the moon is not. Let’s wait a week until the grapes are…raisins.

I believe that the biodynamic calendar “fruit” days are considered optimal for picking.

That’s right

Racking, bottling and many cellar practices can be carried out on moon phases (descending for those two)…likewise spraying (moon in opposition to Saturn).

We generally use Brian Keats Astro calendar over here in the antipodes…I notice on his website he has a Northern Hemisphere model also…shows all the fruit, root, flower, leaf days and everything you need to have a play around." onclick=";return false;

Monty Waldin also touches on it in his book on biodynamic wine.

While there seems to be quite a bit of information regarding viticultural practices, I’ve been unable to find much regarding cellar practices.
What little I found is often contracdictory.
Can you point me to where you found your info.

Hi Emilio,

Nothing much written down as far as I know, just a few paragraphs here and there.

Maybe have a look at “Biodynamic Wine Demystified” by Nicolas Joly (warning…his writing is pretty out-there and flowery)…take what you will from the review below but there is a chapter on “The Cellar”

Book Review: Biodynamic Wine, Demystified by Nicholas Joly : Vinography" onclick=";return false;

Best way forward is just to speak to people who are employing the techniques via email and visits



I look forward to tasting your Kreskin Cuvee and your Sylvia Brown Barossa Blend

I would think you do…and besides…I already knew you were going to post that [thumbs-up.gif]

Check to see if the moon is at it’s west most rising point. Check your hydrometer, brix and TA. Ill give you three guesses and two dont count on the 3 out of the four above that matter. [rofl.gif]