Is older Willet available anywhere ?

Anybody know of a store that has any 17 or older, need online unless its Chicago area

I hear it’s pretty hard to find.


Your best bet is the distillery. Or trade some of your PVW, but it’s rare when I see older Willetts offered up for trade on the bourbon sites I frequent.

Why would someone trade something that’s so incredible and rare to drink?

Lol, I see what you did there.

I was at the distillery in April. The 25yr rye was $350. They also had a 20 year old bourbon coffee liqueur called “Kafija.” for something like $20 I think. Apart from that, no older bottlings of anything available!

Not available at any online stores that I know of. Your best bet is one of the FB bourbon groups. I just traded a 21-year-old Willett bourbon for a bottle of PVW20 last week.