Is MyWines finished?

It seems that Parker has teamed up with

The thread is still in wine talk on parker board, which would mean that Parker approves the thread, as Cellartracker was always pushed into social hall.

Just watched the little preview show, and they take shots at other cellar management tools (vincellar, cellartracker, MS Excel)…those cheap shots would lead me to believe that Parker has teamed up with them, as that sort of stuff is right up his alley.


Amongst other things :

Your eSommelier system includes a built-in web browser and embedded links to expert
wine information, such as and Stephen Tanzer’s
These are not mere links to website home pages. > Instead, eSommelier will take you
directly to the relevant information on the wines you want, which you can then integrate
into your own wine descriptions
> .

My emphasis, since I find that sentence truly hilarious.

Others might have more to say …


I saw that Eric asked a question in that thread and identified this new program as competition. I suppose any cellar management tool is competition. Except when you look at the price tag. Wowsers. It would appear as though the target of this new program (and if Dan is right, then the target of Parker) is a slice of high end consumers. Otherwise, it looks like cellar tracker has a much much wider appeal.

eSOMM is not a new product. This is a new version of a product that has been around for four years. I think this pricing on their new version is about half of the price of the prior version.

In terms of integration, I believe that eSOMM is merely web scraping without permission from Tanzer and Parker (of course you have to be a subscriber to get in to let them scrape, but it is still a terms violation to do this in an automated way). They were doing the same with one of my licensees and were asked to stop and to desist from using it as a marketing claim. Heck, if Parker permits the scraping then awesome, he opens the floodgates to let ANY tool scrape his site on behalf of a subscriber…

In terms of eSOMM being competition, well they have taken every opportunity to talk my product down over the years. And now with Marc Lazar we are jointly offering a new Crestron addin to get into the same dealer/installer channel that eSOMM sells through.

Joe from eSOMM, I am sure you are out there. Any comments? Am I misstating anything?

Their swipe at CT is hilarious. Here’s my fix of their screenshot:

This is pretty much how CT works already right? At least it was until I let eRP go a few years back.
If you are a subscriber, you get a link directly to the WA details page right?

Tanzer/IWC integrates directly for subscribers of course…

I like the part about a ‘built-in web browser’. Imagine that, very unique…


I should clarify - what I find hilarious is a slightly different parsing of the sentence. In other words, you can take the critic’s words and integrate them into your own (that you write) wine descriptions.

I am sure what they mean is that the critic’s words are integrated into the page about the wine. I find my reading funnier. And truer.


I believe they go one step further than me–they will attempt to search and find the page on the eRP site as I have been doing for 5+ years. However, then they have a button to inhale the content in an automated way. That is the definition of spidering and is generally prohibited… (There is a legal reason I don’t offer such automation and instead try to strike business deals with people like Tanzer, Meadows, Gilman, Jancis etc.)

Sorry for the confusion , guys, I saw the “MyWine” tab and just assumed Parker fianlly lauched…4 years late.

Click here to download the 24-page eSommelier User Guide to eSommelier Systems purchased before 2010.
Click here to download the 24-page eSommelier User Guide to eSommelier Systems purchased after 2010.

What do I click if I buy it in 2010! [thankyou.gif]

I do not care what all of you say. This system is sooo absurd, it must be the work of Joe James and Robert Parker!

Not for eSommelier users who apparently can’t figure out how to uncheck the little “Show Only My Wines” box.

I guess their target audience is idiots with a lot of cash. Good luck with that one, as they must get there before the fool is parted with his money.

Do they really expect to pull in a worthwhile number of people on this thing? I’ve not really followed it that much, but did own the cellar thing he had before. I’m just not an organized wine person, so I don’t use CT like it should be used, but have a decent idea of how easy it really is. I just think that parker has completely blown this thing. The only people who will buy this product, are those that kiss his ass over there, and those that are not aware of how bad squires and him ruined that wine board. Are they just going to bundle it with the eparker subscription?

no … it will probably be a $500 add-on

This entire EBOB fiasco and ordeal is about as dramatic as my wives and I have been divorced for 32 years.

My hypothesis is that it’s still up because it was posted by Marc Brownnoser, who is one of the quislings.

Quislings. [welldone.gif]


Thumbs Up!

If that is the case, this is still not integration and what a PITA to have to one by one search ERP for your wines and make a buch of clicks. Seems it is just as fast to cut and paste the old fashioned way.

Scott, that is what it is–but it sounds a lot nicer “on the brochure” the way they describe it…