Is it time to start checking out the '99 Brunello's?

I tried two tonight, the Ciacci Vigna de Pianrosso and the Poggio Antico Altero. Both still drinking young, yet given that this was a pop & pour operation over dinner in a restaurant, I thought both wines showed well (and if one likes their wines on the young side with fruit still prominent, maybe these wines could also be considered as entering their window of drinkability). The Ciacci in particular showed nicely, with balsamic accents on the nose that were attractive, although I think in the long run my money will be on the Altero, as this is one bruiser of a wine.

Anyone else out there that has started to sample their Brunello stash “ten years after”?

I’d be interested to know as well, from those ‘in the know’…

Young yet. I’d only pop ones I had a lot of. Opened another 93 Canallichio di Sopra as well as a 97 tonight, a 95 Flaccianello and an 88 Flac from magnum. Oh and a 90 Argiano riserva. All tasty, none getting too old (though the 88 from 750 is probably a drink soon wine). The 99s? I’m sure they’re fine, but will be more what they are in 5 years.

Ditto to Rick.

Merry Christmas to all…

as for Brunello’s. I love em’, I collect em and I drink em.

I would not open anything younger than a 98…period (IMO)

I had a 98 Valdicava and it was absolutely excellent and well integrated, with many years left and WILL further improve, but its at a point that makes it very drinkable.

I had an 01 Casanova di Neri (yeah yeah WS WOTY, big deal). It was TOO YOUNG and wasn’t inspiring, which for me raised the question how could this possibly be WOTY back when in WS ??

96’s, 97’s and 98’s are all drinking great. I was very surprised at the # of 96’s that are awesome.

I hold the same thoughts on Chianti’s as well.

I probably wouldn’t touch a 99 until 2012

With some decanting, the Mastrojanni has been drinking very well for several years. I’m only sorry I didn’t buy more. It’s very refined, and a great value.

Yeah, I just was watching the Suns destroy the Clippers while sucking down the last of the Altero, and I’ve got a glass of the Ciacci while I’m typing this, and both wines are showing quite nice right now (I am again very impressed with the overall make-up/potential of this Altero). Both wines are still an opaque purplish red, but I think if you slow-O’d these wines for about 10 hours prior to dinner, they would be fine right now. Based upon tonight’s showing, I may pull out a Pertimali to check it out one of these days.