Is Goat the meat of the future?

The rest of the world thinks so and we’ll be seeing a lot more here soon according to this. Cant wait!

Love me some cabrito.

Goat is a meat of the present at our house. Fabulous

Goat is unbelievable. Love it.

I have a rule when dining at a restaurant:

“When there is Goat (or Rabbit) on the menu, ORDER IT! Only places that truly know how to cook these animals well will have them on the menu”

Count me as a fan, but I don’t know how to cook it. I had assumed you treat it similar to lamb.

Lean meat and very tasty. I too like cabrito but it is like eating veal some people have an aversion to that fact that it is a baby goat. Goat is incredibly good. Better than lamb in many stews. If you ever see it on an Indian menu, you better order it. It will be one of the very best dishes for sure.

Tonight is goat night (my daughter’s 17th birthday at Girl and the Goat). Unfortunately, no goat neck on the menu tonight [cray.gif]


Curry, braised, low and slow on the bbq. Can’t go wrong.

Oh yeah. A crew favorite is curried goat ribs that are broiled to finish. Works with lamb too if it not to fatty.

Mazel tov David.

You might consider BYO. I’m not a fan of the wine list and the corkage fee was reasonable ($25) last time I was there.

Thanks, Corey. I was thinking about BYO or sticking with spirits

I make a good curry goat. The only place in town that readily carries it is the Mexican markets.

It is also a good choice for environmental reasons - goats can be raised pretty much anywhere, and thrive on land that couldn’t possibly be considered arable.

Olympic Meats on Randolph is where I get my goat legs- it’s also pretty reasonable price wise. Pain in the ass to carve though

I marinated goat in lime, garlic, and soy for an hour, then drained the liquid and vacuum sealed it. A 60hr sous vide got it nice and tender. I froze the bags and use them for Sichuan hot pots and goat stew.
If someone can roast goat like Cesare on this side of the pond, I would eat there monthly.

At the amazing Oaxacan joint Monte Alban just up the street you can get a goat taco almost too big for lunch for like $6. Addicitive!

I like it. The best goat I ever tasted was baby goat (Choto) at a restaurant over the mountain from Nola and Juan’s winery. Here you find goat at Jamaican restaurants – and probably at some Mexican restaurants but I haven’t seen it. I’m also aware of a couple of Italian places that serve it.

If it were easier to find I’d cook it more. Some friends have said I should try Halal butchers, also not hard to find in this part of NJ.

Baby goat with LOTS of garlic is an Easter staple in Italy:

“Happy Easter!” “Go f–k yourself!”

I use it in Indian recipes that usually call for lamb. Sometimes I do a half lamb/half goat. Love it.

Marc Vetri in Philadelphia comes close. He tried for a long time to specifically duplicate what Cesare does, and came pretty darn close. He was just using a wood burning oven at first, then discovered a combination of (I think) regular oven and wood burner that worked much better. Cesare is still king, but when they have goat at Vetri, it is special and an homage to Cesare.

Cool, thank you!
It’s going on my list! :slight_smile: