Is costco still selling Dom Perignon at a good price?

My mom is visiting this weekend and she mentioned she wants to try Dom Perignon. Does anyone know if Costco still has it in most stores?

Saw the 02 at the Arden location last weekend for $119.99. Bevmo has it for a few dollars more as well.

Thanks tyler [cheers.gif]

the rocklin costco still has the 02

watch out for exploding corks! [snort.gif]

Remind me: did we see that problem at Equinox?

scott - nope, i’ve opened 3 without issue. However, I almost killed julie with a bottle of '99 the night we got engaged.

Seattle area has it for $116.99. I had a couple cases brought in from the distributor still in original boxes to avoid any time spent on the warehouse floor. They were happy to accomodate.