Is Bachelet Gevrey-Chambertin V.V. that good?

I have never tasted any Bachelet wine because the point of entry is too high for me for a village wine. But I am curious because I read so many good things about this producer so I feel like I’m missing out on something good. For the price of the 2009 Bachelet Gevrey V.V. ($80-90) I can get a 1er Cru from a producer that maybe just as good. For example:

2009 Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin Les Cherbaudes
2009 Roty Gevrey Chambertin les Fontenys
2008 Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Clos-Saint-Jacques
2009 Faiveley Gevrey Cazetiers

Any opinion?

I think it’s great though that price sounds high. Though prices on the '09s are really high, admittedely, the C-N 2008 I can get for $40 but the 2009 is $55. But I can usually get the Les Corbeaux 1er for that money, though maybe not the 2009.

Seriously, try his C-N V. or even the B-R. They definitely outperform their “level” if not their price. Look around for other vintages if you can find them, all but the 05 and maybe the 02 are going to be a lot cheaper. The 04s are good.

On your list I’ve only had the Fourrier, which I also like a lot.

For me, it is worth the tariff. Blind, I think I would guess the wine to be a premier cru. I think the gevrey is a real star in the Bachelet stable (along with the Charmes). Bachelet is one of the very few producers where I bought fairly heavily in '09 as I didn’t find the wines to be marked by the vintage. As for the price, that seems to be the going rate now for village wines from those who make trophy wines. If just feels like the days of $50-60 village wines from those producers seem to be gone forever (not to mention the days of $20-30 village wines). As the prices started to approach or exceed $100, I’ve said goodbye to village wines from Mugnier, Roumier, Vogue, etc. In Gevrey, I always thought Rousseau’s village was overpriced. But Bachelet is, in my opinion, worth the money.


Agree as well.

The Cotes Nuits as gotten crazy. The Corbeaux is right at the line though. I like the Corbeaux, but find that good years need at least 15 years to be ready.

It’s really good, love it, but you’re right that it’s not such a great deal now. It was fantastic when it used to be $40, but those days are gone.

For some crazy reason, last fall Premier Cru was offering the '09 Corbeaux for $69.99 (later is was double that). So you can sometimes find deals.

But as much as I love his Gevrey VV, and he is one of my very favorite producers, I’d have a hard time buying it if you could get Jadot CSJ for the same price. All of those wines you mentioned are good too.


It is a wonderful wine but never seems to age as well as I would expect. The 93 was really great ten years ago but is no longer.

Yep, it’s an excellent village wine no doubt but I would never pay $90 for it. Try the Cote de Nuits Villages if you’re curious about the producer, or wait for a window of opportunity like that Premier Cru offer.

The '93 is the wine that got me into Burgundy.


I am also curious to try Bachelet’s wines, and WHWC has three vintages of the Gevrey VV available at reasonable prices. Which of these three vintages would you recommend? I was leaning toward 08 but would like to hear opinions if you have any experiences with the wines.

2007 - $60
2008 - $65
2009 - $74

The notes on the 08 on CT are very positive and I bought it from HDH this summer. I’ll be trying one as soon as it shows up. I saw that pricing at WHWC as wel. If your close buy grab one to try and let us know what you think.

Honestly, I have not had a bad vintage from them yet, so I would try any and all of them. I have had all the C-N from those vintages and they are fantastic, but the G-C only the 2007 which was also great.

My son swears by the '07’s. I have a six pack I am storing for him. I may have to try one to be sure they’re still okay.

It’s an excellent wine but I wouldn’t buy in preference to a Jadot CSJ. Or the Fourrier or Roty (though I’m less excited by '09s in general)

Maybe I should dig out a 99? I wasn’t planning to do so for a bit…


When the GC VV was $45-55 it was an easy buy. No longer, sad to say.

I was thinking that too. It wasn’t ready to my taste a couple of years ago but may be now.

I just picked up the 08 at Zachy’s for $65 but the 2009 was $90! Yikes!

Truly, if you all haven’t tried the Cote de Nuits Village, do, it’s great and significantly cheaper.

I am with Jay here.

Buy the Jadot CSJ 08 and drink it at age 15-20. Jadot CSJ 08 is not longer available in Quebec, Canada but the 06 is at CA $168 and 07 is at CA $152.

Bought some of the 05 and 06 for about 60 bucks per if I remember correctly but have not cracked any yet. Haven’t seen any around here for many years now.

Buying a bit of all the wines you mentioned would be nice of course (IMHO I’d go for the Fourrier and the Jadot), but you won’t know how they compare for a decade or so!