Is a VitaMix worth it?

I know your decision is made, but the Vitamix rules. I inherited mine, so the value proposition is difficult for me to comment upon, but like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I just can’t see not having this in my kitchen or trading down to off brand.

My local costco has both. So try one and return if you dont like

I dont like the kitchenaid mixer analogy. Are there even other brands of stand mixer? Plus the price is not that much.

Maybe Le Creuset vs Staub is a better analogy

I meant it less of a price comparison analogy, and more just something that I wouldn’t do without in the kitchen. I don’t think the price difference between Le Creuset and Staub is actually that significant either.

I stand corrected. Apparently there are other brands of stand mixer. Still dont see blender as the same level of “must have” appliance in the kitchen though. Depending on usage, it isn”t necessary to have the top-of-the-line everything

read the original post. I was asking what use it had and trying to decide if I needed one in my kitchen armamentarium. Based on responses and what I need, the answer became no.

Joke, Alan, a joke.

great milkshake w the Ninja last night. Those blades scare me!

that’s all fine and dandy, but what about an ipad? Blendtec FTW:

We’re getting a Vitamix, but not sure which model. Prefer to buy from Costco but not necessary…just very strong preference.

Got the E320 model first, was told to turn around and return it because Jen wanted the one with the smaller containers for smoothies. Bought the 7500 with the to-go cups and smaller blender carton, but discovered that smaller one is for DRY stuff. Returning that one now. Reviews seem mixed, though each Vitamix on Costco’s site is 4.5 stars or more, it seems (other than the cheapest one, the E320). They have a Pro 780 model, otherwise it’s amazon for me.

Which models are best?

For 8 years, we have had the Professional 500 Series that (or its equivalent) may be found here:

We are about to order our 3rd container for it, but we put it through heavy use for green shakes. Outside of the containers, which are freaking expensive, they are built like tanks. They have short containers now that are not for grains, but you have to grab one of the newer style machines to accommodate them (those machines also available refurb). The only reason I would get the low-profile container is to easily fit under the cabinets. I have no problems/issues making shakes for 1 or 2 with the full sized 64oz container.

We have the Ascent A2300 model and love it. Its $399 on Amazon for the base and 64oz container. Then you can get the smaller 48oz (wet and dry blade versions), 20oz, and 8oz containers. But like everything in life, they really hose you on the accessories.

Here is a link to the Vitamix website for the model:!6700!3!175146762420!!!g!571506728576!

Through a bit of gift giving error on my part, my parents have both. The ninja is a good old school blender if you will. The Vitamix is almost an entirely different animal. Smoothies and anything you drink being the biggest difference (vitamix far outperforms). Needless to say mom gifted the ninja to friends.

I had a work colleague who found one that was refurbished, I believe through their website. You could possibly do that to save a few $ and then just buy a new container. We’ve had ours for a few years - I think the main difference from other brands is the powerful motor.

I have the Vitamix Pro 750 and I love it. I have two containers for it, both for wet blending, just in different sizes.

As everyone says, it’s a beast. It’ll make anything as smooth as silk. As a bonus, I discovered their Lemon Curd recipe and it’s my “go to” now. No more standing over it and continuously stirring, hoping not to curdle the whole thing. No straining needed, either. It’s so easy and good!

You can’t post something like that without a recipe. Do tell!

Here you go:

Tried this tonight holy crap it’s great and best of all super easy! Just another reason to love the Vitamix. Thanks!

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