Is a VitaMix worth it?

I don’t see myself drinking veggie smoothies, don’t use a blender often, have a food processor. What are other reasons to spend the $ for a VitaMix? What do you use yours for? What am I missing?

Some sauces, soups, gravy, margaritas…

Buy a ninja. fraction of the price. if you find yourself using it, upgrade to the VM, they’re beasts, but as you state, kinda require a use-case to justify the vig.

I don’t know if it’s “worth it” because I lucked into mine for free whilst in college. But I have been beating the crap out of that thing for 16 years now and it hasn’t skipped a beat.

Alan it is worth it for the soups alone. Even skin and seed is pulverized to oblivion. I was pissed when Suzy bought it, then I used it and I was sold because it made my chinois irrelevant. Been going 10 years strong now and still kills with zero decrease in performance. It’s one of those devices that is really good at what it does, but also makes your job easier and more efficient at the same time. That is a special category in my opinion.

Food processor is a different application, solids only. Vitamix is fluids. I still use my cuisinart all the time.

Think of it as a kitchen tool that will last decades. And then buy one.

Bought a Breville for around $100.00. It was the choice of ATK and for the limited use it gets it does all we need it to do.

It’s a great tool, no complaints at all, but if my wife (and occasionally me) didn’t make smoothies we would never use it.

I love ours. I know we could do without it, maybe there are cheaper versions, but I would buy one again when it wears out. And after 7+ it shows no sign of wear.


I’ve had mine for about 4 years. It is a beast. I use it every morning, or just about every morning, to pulverize the massive amounts of Spinach and Kale that I stuff into my morning mix. Never juice again, because you take out all the fiber. I could never do without it.

Soups are unreal with it too.

By liquefying even the toughest ingredient, you can avoid needing a poop knife.

For as often as I use a blender- this is the perfect advice. Vitamix is better, but the ninja is a far better value for the occasional user. If I were doing a lot of Ice based drinks, I might reconsider though.

I’m also happy with my Ninja. I make fruit smoothies almost daily.

ordered a Ninja today.

My wife swears by her Vitamix (she’s a chef). That said, she very rarely lets me even touch it because it’s so expensive (and, well, she generally thinks I make too much of a mess in the kitchen anyways). Not worth it for casual things but nothing beats it for soups, purees, etc.

get yourself a vitamix alan, return that ninja.

Said the guy that has no experience with the ninja? :wink:

Alan doesn’t live his life being second best. His appliances shouldn’t either. [whistle.gif]

thanks, Fu, but this will be fine for making the BEST chocolate shakes! Gonna pick my battles with the wife. A $500 blender isn’t one.

This is what asking people about a Vitamix for?