Is 1966 a good vintage for red burgundy?


I’ve not had a ton of experience with them, but I have had a few negociant Vosnes and they were quite good. Storage and bottle variation will, obviously, play into this. What are you looking at?

Thanks Rick

Great vintage. Just need to know which wines.

Per Rick, I’ve had several '66 negotiant offerings from Vosne and Corton over the last year or so and they’ve shown very well. I also had a Vogue Moose VV about a year ago that was stellar. My take on the vintage is leaner and well structured with excellent aeromatics. Well cellared wines have held up quite well

My first experience with great Burgundy were Faiveleys from 66 and a 69 in 1983. I didn’t know enough for the appellations to register, but it was an epiphone.

One of the most delicious bottles of wine I’ve ever consumed was a magnum of 1966 Faiveley Clos des Beze I acquired at auction as part of a mixed lot, which contained a birth year (1951) wine that I was seeking for a friend. The Beze and the 1959 Gaunoux Epenots were lucky bonuses. I drank the Beze in 2001 so it was relatively young and simply terrific.

Great vintage. Are you bringing a mag of 66 rc for the gala dinner?

Yeah, picked one up at a London auction a few days ago. The label looks brand new!!!

I’ve sampled several '66s from Leroy - all were very good. I’ll save a nice pour from a mag of something from '66 at the Gala dinner Berry - find me :O). You’re going to the Paulee Gala dinner??


'64, '66, '69 all pretty good vintages…


many satisfying wines; La Tâche and Richebourg from DRC were quite nice 15-20 years ago—I imagine that the supply of authentic bottles in good condition may have dwindled since then, though…

Indeed I am. Looking forward to meeting you.

Im posted a pic of myself in here to help with identification:

Yes, it´s a good to very good year, with some additional outstanding efforts …
However I would rate 1964 (my fav from the 60ies), 1962 and 1969 above it, since the structure in 1966 still can be a bit hard and dry …
I would compare it somehow with 1988, only 22 years older …

How do you get wines from London to the US?

1966 is a year that I did not chase particularly, as there are some great years in the vicinity : 1959, 1961, sometimes 1962, 1964 and 1969 that I have searched more. So, what I have drunk is the result of hazard or of specific buys. But it is my mistake as there are very great wines.

Aloxe Corton Pierre Olivier négociant 1966
Bonnes Mares Lionel Bruck 1966
Clos de Tart 1966
Corton Bouchard Père & Fils 1966
Corton Bouchard Père & Fils 1966
Echézeaux Henri Jayer 1966
Gevrey Chambertin Clos Saint Jacques Clair Daü - 1966
La Romanée Liger Belair 1966
La Romanée, du Château de Vosne Romanée 1966
Macon Champy père & fils 1966
Nuits Saint Georges Pierre Olivier - 1966
Nuits-Saint-Georges Pierre Olivier 1966
Pommard Réserve de Vernhes en 1/2 - 1966
Pommard Rugiens de Bouchard Père & Fils 1966
Volnay Santenots Lucien Chouet 1966
Volnay Santenots Lucien Chouet 1966

I must say that the Echézeaux Henri Jayer 1966 was one of the best Jayer wines that I have ever tasted. And the Romanée Liger Belair 1966 was of the highest romanticism. And the Corton Bouchard is a very great wine.

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