iOTA NEW OFFER through 5/31/20 Eola Amity Hills Pinots, Chard and Rosé

Greetings Berserkers. I hope you are well! I have one last offer that is valid through May 31st 2020. Use code iota20 for additional savings and Free SHIPPING on 6 or more bottles. Please visit [url] [url] Fill out the order form, add iota20 to special promotion box at bottom of form and please let us know you are a Berserker in the comment section. The code will add 5% off in addition to standard quantity discounts and include free shipping. You will be able to pick and choose any wines from our site!

Discounts will be 10% for 6 bottles, 15% for 12 bottles, 20% for 24 bottles and 30% for 36 bottles. Free Shipping on 6 or more bottles.

(Sorry, NO shipping to AK, HI, UT, MI, RI, NH, CT, AL, KY, DE, ND, SD, and MS.)

iOTA is a small production Pinot Noir and Chardonnay focused winery. We personally and sustainably tend the vines and craft the wines on-site at Pelos Sandberg Vineyard in the Eola Amity Hill AVA. I hope you’ll visit our website for more info.

Reviews from The Prince of Pinot [url] /url]

Here’s a link to reviews on our website.

Special thanks to Todd and all his Moderators and to all the Wine Berserkers community for the years of supporting our wine business! [thankyou.gif]

Don makes delicious wine, and he and Johanna are warm and generous people. This was an easy buy.

Thank you Geoff! Wine coming your way next week.


  • 2010 Iota Pinot Noir Pelos Sandberg Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Eola - Amity Hills (4/10/2020)
    First, let me get this out of the way. The wine shows very young, like bottled yesterday, not 10 years old. Really amazing. Nose and palate are in sync with bright Bing cherry, good dose of dill, and moss. Tannins are rounded but still show. Will this age another 20 years? Why not.

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Thanks Brig for the great review! [cheers.gif] I hope you are well and safely self medicating in place! [snort.gif]

Opened the '11 while grilling a Turkey in the bbq.

Ordering another 6 pack of the old stuff.

The '11 is kicking off the sediment!

Great wine.

Grilled turkey and 2011 pinot sounds heavenly! Enjoy ad thank you!

Offer is good through 4/13/20. I’ll try to come up with something special again soon if permitted by the gate keeper. Many thanks to Todd, his moderators and all the supportive Berserkers! Join our mailing list if you’d like to receive 2-3 email offers a year.


My fiancée and I just had the Phyllis last night with dinner and we were floored by how delicious it was.

Looking forward to whatever next offer you’re able to put together!

Thanks Jorge! I’m happy to hear you and your fiancée enjoyed it. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!