Invino Offer on Tensley Syrah

I got an email from Invino offering 2015 Tensley Syrah at $99.99 for a case! I couldn’t pass this one up since it comes to $9.35 a bottle including tax and shipping to SoCal. This seems almost too good to be true as I have enjoyed Tensley Syrahs in the past and this bottle has garnered over 90 point scores from Spectator, Parker and Enthusiast. My only worry is that several years ago I purchased a few bottles of a Syrah labelled as coming from Wades Wine (a wine store in Westlake CA that they touted as having been made by Tensley that was too overtly sweet to drink, basically a desert wine. Has anyone heard of any issues occurring in this vintage of Tensley’s?

Sold out

What specifically was this called? Was it called Joey Tensley Syrah or a Tensley Syrah? And was it SB County or?

He now makes quite a few different wines so that might be helpful to know


I picked up a few cases for my parents, friends, cellar defenders… Larry it was the '15 SBC Syrah. Crazy deal!

I can remember purchasing a bargain Tensley several years ago. When I tasted with Joey in CA and NY, I loved his wine. I didn’t realize that he made a hard to drink low end version (IMHO)).

What did you mean by “hard to drink”? I assume you meant that you didn’t like it, but I just wanted to check. [scratch.gif] Even a “low end version” could be enjoyable.

After enjoying several Tensley wines several years ago ($30 ish retail), the cheaper Tensely tasted like a distant cousin. I was disappointed. I bought the name, and was disappointed. The wine was the '12 Tensley Syrah Lite. I drank this November 2013.

Thanks so much, I was wondering. This is Santa Barbara County Syrah, it doesn’t say it’s Lite anywhere but you never know… I guess I’ll find out how good it is for myself tho the reviews make it seem it should be at least palatable. The price was ridiculous!

Why aren’t people buying Syrah any more. We used to carry a ton of Tensley and a number of others. One by one, we saw them discounted late in the season and on occasion, discounted below our wholesale price. We reduced our Syrah selection to those we want to drink in case they don’t sell.

Only 170 cases produced? Interesting . . .

Also up on invino is the Tensley 2013 Tensley Vineyard Syrah for 19.99, free ship on 4, 2014 Tensley Camp 4 Vineyard Blanc 17.99 and 2013 Tensley
Colson Canyon Grenache 16.99

Currently 14.99 for the 2013 syrah and 12.99 for 2013 grenache

Wow great deal. I like the wine a lot 90-93 for me over the last 4 bottles. I love syrah Randy. Not sure why people are not drinking it?

Those are some crazy good deals. He is ‘sold out’ of the Grenache on his site, and it’s available elsewhere in the $25 range, discounted from his regular price of $34 I believe . . . Cannot tell you the ‘style’ in which this is made, but probably worth a flyer.


In for 6 Grenache with $5 shipping. Couldn’t resist.


Do let us know when you get them and have a chance to open a bottle what it’s like - style, etc.


I was on Tensley’s list for many years. Loved the earlier versions but they did seem to get sweeter over vintages so I dropped off the list.

Visited Tensley in October. His Syrah’s are heavy and on the sweet, fruity side but still with some complexity. Great if you like that style.
The Thompson was the best for me but priced a bit high.
There is a second winery called Carina Cellars located in the same tasting room that Joey makes wines for and I actually liked those better.


Joey’s wines definitely come across as ‘primary’ upon release and for awhile afterwards. I find that they really begin to differentiate from each other and shine brighter with a number of years in bottle. Not sure what’s going on with Carina - Joey used to make those wines as well but not sure if they are still producing new wines or not. I always enjoyed their 7 Percent, co-fermented with viognier.