Introducing Pennyroyal Farm- Pleased to Meet You!

Pennyroyal Farmstead Winery and Dairy was founded in 2008 in Boonville, California at the southern end of the Anderson Valley. We are a 100-acre farm producing handcrafted, small batch estate wines as well as goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses. Our sister winery, Navarro Vineyards, is just ten miles up the road. (Read more about Navarro Vineyards by checking out their post here Navarro Vineyards, Anderson Valley - NEWBIE INTROS - WineBerserkers) Pennyroyal Farm embodies the vision of the next generation, and is governed by the principles of sustainability, biodiversity, and a distinct sense of place. Our traditional farming practices combine with modern advances, such as solar power, to preserve and enrich the land while producing very little waste. By integrating animal husbandry and viticulture we avoid many of the pitfalls of monoculture, as each farming endeavor enhances and complements the other.

And the wines! From our small 23-acre vineyard come a supple, mouth-watering Sauvignon Blanc, a velvety Pinot Noir full of heady depth and texture, and a zippy, strawberry-laden Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Looking forward to trying!

Love finding new roses

Thanks, Mark! We really hope you enjoy the wines!

Scott, we definitely think you’ll be hooked once you try it!