Introducing Glasvin's The Precision / Buy 6 Get 2

Hi everyone,

We are introducing a new glass - it’s our white wine glass! Designed to show off the acidity and minerality in white wines. Pick 8pk on and use code ACIDITY to get 2 of them free. Deal available until Monday!

If you are not familiar with Glasvin, you can see we built a bit of a following: GLASVIN a new handmade glass!

Just ordered the deal. These look great!
Looking forward to trying these out.

Hi David,

I got the glasses and love the shape. I find these perfect for Champagne.

But… They happen to have liquids like water or wine stick to them in an odd way. It also messes with the mousse when I pour Champagne and its generally not very appealing. Also when drying, they develop water stains, even with rinse aid use.

This is something previous Glasvin glasses don’t do and also something I have never noticed on my Zalto and Riedel.

Can you explain what may be going on on and how to fix this? As it stands right now, I am not using them for these reasons.

Hi Ben, I am not familiar with this issue. They’re made the same way as all of our glasses and we sell a lot of glasses and this is the first time I’ve heard of this issue. If you leave the glass upside down in the dishwasher and let it dry it should dry properly. As for when you’re pouring wine, there isn’t going to be a solution there. Please feel free to use our return policy if you’d like though!

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Thanks for the quick reply David.
That is what I am doing. Updside down in the dishwasher + rinse aid. While the Glasvin Universals and Zaltos come out sparkling clean, these have a ton of water marks on them where there droplets formed and dried.
It almost looks like a coating as its only in the middle of the glass. The top 1/3 is fine. It’s very odd indeed.

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I will put those 3 things in my dishwasher and run it and give it a test.

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Thanks! I have this with all four I have unpacked. Would love to hear if it’s just me.


I just washed them in a dishwasher and let it dry and took the glasses out. Unsurprisingly both are clean and dry. Perhaps I’m missing the point here

I actually had the same observation with my Prestige glass. I had a dishwasher oopsie so I just gently hand wash now.

After rinsing I noticed that water “sticks” (?) to certain areas as if there are scratches or something. I just leave them upside down to dry and they come out perfectly clean. Never noticed any wine “stick” in the same way though.

Beyond appearing odd for a few minutes, I can’t say my drinking experience has been altered in any way.

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This is how different the Precision comes out compared to the Zalto after a dry cycle. If I just let the Precision dry completely, it does develop stains. Only noticed this on the Precision.
I did a test where I scrubbed one of them seriously with dish soap and I think it’s getting better without water sticking.

So I am not quite sure what is going on but I wonder if there is some layer of something that makes liquids behave differently in the Precision glass vs other glasses.


One thing I have noticed that is helpful to increase the speed of drying is after using the dishwasher, to open the door of the dishwasher at least a little bit. Here’s a photo of the two glasses I put in yesterday. Also, please don’t hesitate to email me at if you’d like to return/exchange the product

even faster is to take 10 seconds and use a towel

Just wanted to report back after using the glasses for a bit.
The initial issue went away after some usage and repeated rounds in the dishwasher. Now they are their beautiful sparkling self and I am very happy to have them.
My go-to Champagne and sparkling wine glasses for fresher NV styles.

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