Introducing Claudine Wines w/Special Offer

Have enjoyed the Deux (Tamber Bey) and the Syrah (Dumol?). Both are first class.

Another member posted this podcast interview with Brian of Claudine Wines over in the wine talk forum–thought it should be cross-posted here as well.

Listened to it this morning and found it very informative for a newbie like myself.

Got my shipment a couple weeks ago (1 WB 6 pack and then an assorted sixer of others). Very excited to try, but it also seems like these wines are good to age quite a bit given the apparent quality of the sources.

Andrew, I see most/all of the suggested drinking windows are basically now til 2025-2030ish, but are there any you would particularly suggest are better to open near term, or any you would strongly recommend holding back?

Hi Toby -

We hold back wine until we feel like it’s ready to drink, so truly they’re all ready to drink. (In fact, sitting on a few cabs that just need more time). That said, my personal opinion is that the Syrah and Signature Series Pinot are singing right now. Hope that helps and really looking forward to your thoughts - please do share if you have a chance!


Awesome, thanks for the feedback Andrew!

Is this offer still available?

Sent you a PM!

Tried the Syrah and Deux from the sampler pack last night. The Syrah was just outstanding. Elegant and restrained, as they described it. The Deux didn’t compare well, but in fairness it’s a very different wine and we were several bottles into the evening at that point.
Did a reload on the Chardonnay. Would have added the Syrah, but I’m fully overstocked on reds.

Curious about this too Andrew.

Edit: this post was approved by an admin after I started a separate but similar post in the wine talk forum

Also interested as I forgot about this until I just listened to the claudine episode of the xchateau podcast (which I found informative/interesting especially relative to the influencer ones)

Curious as to why I read less about Claudine vs others on this board? Obviously the business model is different (smaller lots / more expensive and not constant new one time releases ) which contributes. I first heard about claudine in the de Negoce and wine access threads but don’t see anything else really about it. I almost never come to commerce corner but would be good to see more people’s TN and comments on value (few in this post are appreciated). I’m assuming the OP doesn’t feel it is appropriate for a principal to start it there (even tho that is what CH did).

I like this business model better than DN (we will see what DN does with heldback wine but hard to see buying more if you already have a case) to the ability to try a sampler and then order a case or mixed case of what you like (was mentioned on podcast as common)… obviously I like the DN price point better as this is approaching the Higher end of what I prefer to pay for most wines (interesting note from the podcast was that the primary consumer was primarily the opposite and coming down from $100 wine etc)

I also thought highly of the Syrah and reordered 6. The Chardonnay was well made but not in my favorite style.


I meant to send you a PM but accidentally sent an email instead. [oops.gif] Hopefully you received it - let me know if not!

I think I sorta replied to the wrong note, I was interested in more of the selection and procurement of these micro lots? By definition it would have to be from a producer that produces micro amounts, so how much would they really have to spare? What regions are you planning on scouring for opportunities?

Cheers, Kris

Hi Kris,

It’s less that the producers are micro-producers, but rather that we take the last 1-5 barrels (in either barrel or shiner form) from the original source. That said, most producers we work with are on the smaller end and less the corporate juggernauts. We started in Napa, branched out to Sonoma, and have also done a couple of projects in Central Coast - specifically Sta. Rita / Ballard area. Always open to extending as well! While we’re focused on delivering strong value to the end consumer, we also are not about nickel & diming the producer and aim to create lasting relationships with them so that the producer works with us in a sustainable manner, year after year.

Hey Andrew or Brian, would appreciate if you can extend the discount code. would love to try Claudine wine. thanks!

Had the RRV Pinot last night. I’m NG at descriptors, but it tasted right in the sweet spot between light & feminine and Big. Really enjoyed it.
3 - 0 -1 now on the Sampler pack, with the 2 most expensive to go.

Plus 1 on the Syrah. Think that makes 3 of us thumbs up…tasty…excellent.

Now if only I could fit more wine in my 200 bottle cooler after DeNegoce…let me see if I can squeeze it all in and order more syrah from Claudine. Hard to find good syrah as it doesnt come up that often on last bottle etc.


Is there a set amount of months you hold your cabs after bottling before you release? Is it generally the same for all your cabs? Or blends?

You couldnt be shipping them right out like Cam because you hold them back till the are drinkable.

Drinking coombsville 2018 cab now…nice [cheers.gif]

Hi David,

Great question ,and thank you so much for the kind words on the Syrah and Coombsville! No set amount of months. We take each wine on a case-by-case basis, drinking it ourselves periodically until we feel like it’s ready. We also take guidance from when the original producer/winemaker regarding when they are set to release the wines under their original label (they usually are more than willing to share, as they’re happy that we want to put this level of care into their wines.) So for example, we released the coombsville cab after about 6 months in bottle because we felt it was very ready. Meanwhile we have another 2018 Napa Cab that will likely see at least 1 year in bottle. Upon our last tasting, it just need more time.

Hi Andrew,

I’m a little confused about the aging potential versus the ready to drink perspective. I think the 2018 is beautiful, but I wasn’t sure it’s a wine that would age for 10 years.