Introducing Claudine Wines w/Special Offer

Hi Rohit - yes, we take full precaution with warmer weather. We use temp controlled shipping on all of our orders in the summertime. And depending on the location, we’ll use styrofoam and ice packs and individually wrap each bottle to prevent water damage to the label. UPS is the standard option but we can also use FedEx, no problem. Just reach out to us after you place an order and we’ll be sure to notate it as such (we do this all the time). Finally, 2nd Day Air via FedEx is an option, but we’d have to charge you a supplement for that. Please reach out ( and we’ll be happy to find the best solution for you!

Thanks MatthewT. Did you try the Coombsville Cab?

Hi Andrew, do you ship to Oklahoma?

I did try this and it’s fantastic.

Very sorry, we currently don’t. It’s one of the toughest states to ship into. We do ship to most neighboring states if there are other addresses that might work.

Placed an order for the 6 pack. I wanted to swap the RRV chard for something else–Andrew was very helpful and made it easy. Very positive experience thus far.

They were happy to hold mine for weather, no problem.

anyone taste these yet? Specifically interested int he Yountville

Haven’t tasted; recently ordered the WB 6-pack plus another mixed 6 to round out a case. Looking forward to try, source wineries seem likely to be really good stuff. MatthewT mentioned he had the Sta Rita Hills pinot and Coombsville cab and both were really good

Just saw the offer and I’m in. I like the free shipping offers.

Need more wine like another hole in my head, but am splitting a case with a friend.

Andrew, thanks for being so enabling!!!

[cheers.gif] Here’s to hoping it’s so good you won’t want to split

In for special [cheers.gif]

I took a sampler as well. Nice to not have to buy a case of the same wine. Looking forward to these.
Thanks Andrew.

To help people come together and split cases of private label wines from Claudine, de Négoce and Wine Access, we have created the Case Splitter web app to connect people in geographic proximity.

We are beginning to get density of users in the following areas:

• SF Bay Area (SF, Oakland, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, Foster City)
• San Antonio (TX) + Austin (TX)
• Houston (TX)
• Baltimore (MD) + Washington DC + Richmond (VA)
• Possibly a stretch cluster from Cleveland (OH) to Pittsburgh ¶

We then have isolated Case Splitters in the following locations so we need more people to sign-up so that we can match them:

• Los Angeles (CA)
• Las Vegas (NV)
• Tucson (AZ)
• Boston (MA)
• New York City (NY)
• Miami (FL)
• New Orleans (LA)

It is fun in case we can get case splitting going and have people come together for private label tasting parties, with wines from Claudine, de Négoce and Wine Access, once the Covid-19 situation permits this to happen.

I can’t get the WB30 to work.

Hi Kevin,

The promo expired a few weeks back, but I’ll reach out to you directly via email. Many thanks!



Got my sampler pack…nice and cold…Cold week here on the East…thats good…Now I gotta wait couple weeks to settle…patience…

Enjoyed the 2018 RRV Chardonnay last night from the sampler pack. Reminded me of Sandhi. This isn’t a “sleuthing” observation, just a descriptor.

Speaking of sleuthing…Claudine Deux was pretty easy…The French Laundy has the makers Merlot on their list it says…

Looked that up and yountville:

They have Deux all over website…think thats it…