With all the amazing work our BerserkerDay Council has done, with the myriad of interviews, surveys, and general data collection, we’ve come up with a way to make BerserkerDay even better…introducing ‘BerserkerDay NewbiePalooza’!!

Because BerserkerDay is so hectic, so crazy and jam-packed with activity from all sides, the Newbies can get overwhelmed and lost during the shuffle, particularly if they don’t really know how to manage forum interactions and the like. We typically feature around 15-25 Newbies each year, and try to highlight them with introductions prior to the big event, but there’s a better way!

We’ve set November 17th as BerserkerDay NewbiePalooza, a couple months prior to BerserkerDay, and ALL Newbies for the year will participate in that event instead, with the top 10 or so (depending on how much space we have) being invited to participate in BerserkerDay on Jan 27.

Because it’s a totally unique event, we are going blank slate on this, and can do it differently than BerserkerDay. With a smaller group of participants, we can do features such as recorded Zoom interviews as introductions, rather than just paragraphs in posts. We’re also requiring these Newbies to send samples of their offer to TWO Berserkers, and we’re getting these tasters from the Council and Monopole Crü. These Berserkers become reviewers of sorts, but we’re not revealing their notes until BerserkerDay NewbiePalooza, to keep the ‘fun’ in the event, make people wait a bit. Those tasters/samplers can then contribute to the conversations during NewbiePalooza, making the threads more interactive with the larger community.

All offers will be posted here, in the forum, and we encourage as much discussion with the producers/sellers and the Monopole Crü ‘tasters’/reviewers as possible! To do so, click ‘post new topic’ and get started! Remember that only participants and the Council can see all these until I make them public on NewbiePalooza, so you are free to post and edit as many times as possible to get it right!


So here’s how things will work today:

  1. I will open the NewbiePalooza forum, where all the posts/offers are listed, tomorrow by 8 am Pacific. Don’t stress about ‘missing out’ on these listings as there will be plenty of opportunity, with this being a MUCH smaller event than BerserkerDay (fully by design).

  2. Those Monopole Crü members who signed up (and were selected) as ‘tasters’ will post their notes on the product being offered, and should be around - along with the producer/seller - for discussions and questions throughout the day

  3. Remember when I said ‘don’t stress about ‘missing out’ on these listings as there will be plenty of opportunity’? Yeah, well, to give this event a TASTE of the excitement of BerserkerDay, we DO have a few LIMITED OFFERS to present to you, and you NEVER KNOW WHEN I WILL POST THEM! You have to remain on the site and just hope you are available when those offers launch (they will be launched in the NewbiePalooza forum as well, with ‘limited offer’ in the title), as they are EXTREMELY limited. neener

Please participate in discussion with the participants selling their wares, as this is much smaller (15 offers) than BerserkerDay, and there is more opportunity for interaction as a result.

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Also, one offer not yet posted (along with the ‘limited’ ones that will be posted throughout the day at random times) - awaiting a response from the proprietor, as I have notes in tow!

Our first ‘limited’ offer is posted - get it while you can!

2nd limited offer just posted!

our final Limited offer has posted…

Just getting home from work; need to catch up.
Is this a one day only thing. Confused.

Yep, unless they are a limited time offer and sell out sooner.

Nah, not a one-day thing, not unless they specify - I know this because I didn’t have time to do my own shopping, and know at least one of them has a deal open through December!

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Got it, thought it was the same as BD

BerserkerDay is not one-day either, although if you wait, you run the risk of offers running out. Most of the offers extend for quite some time, and once BD is over, they often post how long the deal is good for