Interesting Oregon & Washington Winery Experiences?

Hello! I live in Portland and have visited many of the wineries in the valley. I have friends visiting this summer and looking for some very unique wineries to visit. I have my favorite producers that we may visit, but also looking for some places that offer a memorable experience. Such as tour of facilities or cellar, winemaker lead tastings, amazing location or views. Any recommendations?

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If you haven’t done the “Collective Tasting” at Antica Terra, I would highly recommend. It’s a tad spendy at $90 a head, but they pour high end Burgundy, Champagne and other old world wines intermingled with their own. It’s a lot of fun and very educational.

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Thank you! Haven’t been, but I’ve heard about it. I may check it out.

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@ShelbyPerkins is a great visit with great wines.


Thank you! Il have to check her wines out.

On our way to Patricia Green, we saw a sandwich board for Killdeer Distillery. After going up, over and around small road terrain (in a normal car) for about 15 minutes, we ended up at a house and a small out cabin. Waving to someone cutting the grass with a tractor behind, we ended up with a really cool tasting of gin, gin, brandy and bourbon. Definitely unique and off the beaten path. I’d call first though… we just got lucky.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing

Archery Sunmit does cave tastings and tours.

Abbott Claim is a pretty cool experience, in their cave with a few bites to go along with the tasting.
Soter has some beautiful views and we had a good experience with the person leading our tasting.

Thank you!

Thank you! I’ll have to check this out!