I had been meaning to shop my insurance policy (winery and vineyard liability and property coverage) for years, but put it off until my current policy thru Nationwide became too painful. This stuff makes my eyes glaze over, but I finally got around to it this year, and it was worthwhile. Bidwell Insurance in Chico has shown up at a couple Garagiste tastings and is trying to move into winery coverage. So, I had them price my coverage, and they saved me nearly 50% – over $2000. It looks like more comprehensive coverage too, but I’m no expert. In any case, I thought I’d pass on the recommendation. My contact there is Andrea Zigan, (530) 894-1096 T

Do they do crop insurance too?

I don’t think so. I think that’s a separate specialty. I got crop insurance from a broker in FL who happened to cold call me about the time I was starting to panic about the state of my irrigation pond during the drought.