Inside vs. Outside

Tonight we were drinking a fairly young Carter ('12 Three Kings) and in transferring the festivities outside we noticed significant “perceived” improvement in tasting and sensory perception. Or, simply, ok inside, really good outside. We’ve noticed it before but dismissed quietly, but everyone noticed it tonite!? Anyone else experience this? Any explanation for this phenomenon?

I find just the opposite for most reds, regardless of season. I might agree though when it comes to whites in the summer.

If inside means in or near the kitchen where you have been cooking, especially with hot oil, I agree. I have noticed that getting away from the smells of cooking can help wine appreciation. Similar to the effect f what happens when I spend an hour or two in the kitchen and then try to appreciate a wine during the dinner I just cooked. I am covered with food odors and appreciation is harder.

Inside is always better if you are doing serious wine evaluation/tasting. Why has always been a matter of conjecture, but I suspect it’s more air currents wafting away the subtleties outside. When I know wine will be served outside I always pick bolder, fresher wines.

Outside emphasizes the fruit, I believe.
Most of the subtleties, however, are gone.
To me, it is a good test to understand the wine a little better.

Good observations, thanks to all for the comments. We noticed more fruit outside, and yes the subtle things were harder to detect. We wished we moved outside earlier in the bottle.