Inside vs. Outside Skirt Steak

I’ve only recently been made aware that there was such thing as the specification between inside and outside. What am I typically buying at the grocery store when it’s labeled just as “Skirt Steak”?

Thoughts about the differences? Preferences?

Please discuss and enlighten me.


You are probably buying flap meat at Costco/Grocery store.

Ok, so where does flap meat fit in all this equation? Is it a larger category or not flank at all (technically speaking)?

I’m so meat confused.



Try this on for size:

When they describe interior-- its closer to the gut!!

Flap meat:

Hope this helps!!

I buy my skirt steak from a local Mexican market. Once in a while they will have the inner skirt. I find it to be more tender and have a better flavor.


I have a Colombian butcher a few blocks away. They always have both. The flap meat is a buck or two a pound cheaper. I find it to be a tighter grained meat than the outer, but flavor wise I found it comparable. The way they sell it is in a sort of disc shape that weighs about 1lb so it’s easy to cook in the apt. Time to grab some and try it again!