InKind AMEX offer free $50 at good restaurants

this is probably best in NYC, but miami, la, dallas, etc. have solid places.

check your amex offers for InKind spend $50 get $50 back. I’m a huge fan of this service and use it especially for wine (basically you buy $x in credit and get $1.25x to spend anywhere it’s accepted).

all of the delicious hospitality and ushg places on are on the nyc one, as well as many others.

for an extra $25 i think you can use this referral code. Friend of Yaacov

hope this helps save a few $$$ dining out…

Maybe the best wine deal in the city. Bar Pasquale half of all bottles $250+ from 5-6 tues - Thursday. Combined with inkind credit that’s …(insert math) a lot less


Not much in LA that interests me, but it does include Broad Street Oyster Co., which I love, so thanks for the heads up.

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LA seems a bit light. maybe they’re in the process of adding more places. happy to help.

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Basically you can get 30% off a lot of really good restaurants with InKind. Love it

not surprised you use it! very cool service imo.

I met them because they found Glasvin, back when they were a lot smaller. Small world!

that’s wild.