InKind AMEX offer free $50 at good restaurants

this is probably best in NYC, but miami, la, dallas, etc. have solid places.

check your amex offers for InKind spend $50 get $50 back. I’m a huge fan of this service and use it especially for wine (basically you buy $x in credit and get $1.25x to spend anywhere it’s accepted).

all of the delicious hospitality and ushg places on are on the nyc one, as well as many others.

for an extra $25 i think you can use this referral code. Friend of Yaacov

hope this helps save a few $$$ dining out…


Maybe the best wine deal in the city. Bar Pasquale half of all bottles $250+ from 5-6 tues - Thursday. Combined with inkind credit that’s …(insert math) a lot less


Not much in LA that interests me, but it does include Broad Street Oyster Co., which I love, so thanks for the heads up.

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LA seems a bit light. maybe they’re in the process of adding more places. happy to help.


Basically you can get 30% off a lot of really good restaurants with InKind. Love it

not surprised you use it! very cool service imo.

I met them because they found Glasvin, back when they were a lot smaller. Small world!

that’s wild.

I’m not familiar with InKind, but I’ve just gotten the AMEX offer. Can you explain the mechanics of all this in terms of how to sign up and what I should do to make sure I get the AMEX credit?

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use the offer. sign up for inkind and just use the credits like cash at any restaurant on the platform. not sure where you live, so that likely matters.

if you want an additional $25, you can use this code after you sign up in the inkind app. Friend of Yaacov

USHG restaurants seem to be running a $75 off a $225+ purchase promo on inkind.

BTW does Inkind make it easy to split checks? Or does restaurant have to do it?

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Yeah pretty good deal imo. Use my link and you’ll get $25 more I think.

And yeah you can arbitrarily split checks in the inkind app. (You just input how much you want to pay from your credit balance)

Had Krug 169 last week at Marta for $300

inKind Pass $300 for $200. I’m unsure if still active but I was able to use it twice over the weekend

Shameless plug if anyone hasn’t yet signed up Friend of Landres

That was a sweet deal, I used the offer yesterday.

Dammit I didn’t get it yesterday and they bumped it to $300 for $260

they seem to run various specials constantly - i bet there’s another one soon.


$I like inKind even though it’s very limited in LA. But $260 for $300 isn’t worth the credit risk.


Sorry but what’s the risk?

They go under or if more likely, the favorite restaurant of yours that you focus your InKind use on goes under. Not a big risk but my preference for cash over scrip is bigger than the latest discount

The recent special deal was great, I’m a happy camper.

was at Maiolino and bartender told me 5-6 people that night paid with InKind. so adoption is higher than I expected. at some point their discount will shrink aggressively I imagine. but probably years down the road when they have many more restaurants to choose from.