Infanticide and Next of Kyn

I received my delivery today. Has anyone ever opened one of these soon after delivery? How happy/unhappy were you with the infanticide? I have a dinner in 7 days and I am thinking about it. I have older ones, but I was curious as to what will happen if I kill it now.

I’ve had them within a few years of receiving my allocation, but never a few days or weeks. The ones I’ve had within a year or two of release have been very primary, and have lead me to the same conclusion as SQN, wait 5-10 years (for my palate).

If you do pop one please post I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Is it not called infanticide (odd choice for a name ) for a reason ? Drink up

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This is not NOK so TIFWIW, but I opened a 2019 The Third Twin Nuestra Señora del Tercer Gemelo a few months after receiving it this spring and decanted it for 8 hours. I think it’s important to try new offerings pretty soon, even if it is infanticide. It was a chaotic mess of incredible individual characteristics – every thing was amped up, but it was very disjointed with strong fruit and oak hitting on all cylinders unharmoniously – You could tell it has greatness in it, but as you might expect, I did not enjoy it nearly as much as the SQN I have had with 15-20 years of bottle age.


I have tasted a few 2 year old SQN /NOK bottles with 1-2 yrs age and they were excellent. Your best bet us to filter, double decant, re-bottle and then serve 2 hours prior to serving. These wines have so much depth and softening the tannins with air is a necessity when you open them early. If the wine isn’t ready - recork it and try again the next day. Just as important is the food pairing. It makes sense to try one early if you have several bottles. It’s just as bad to wait too long and then be disappointed.