Infaco pruning shears

Has anyone used the newer 3020 model? The older 3015 is 25% off now, and I’m inclined to go with the savings unless the 3020 is a real significant step up.
While on Infaco, has anyone used their de-suckering wand?

Hi Stewart - I’m an owner of the F3015 and am very happy with it. I chose it over other brands at the time as it was the only one with the safety glove feature. After watching the YouTube video of the new F3020 the improvements are (1) wireless safety glove, (2) slick tool holder when in the Vyd, (3) centered battery with cabling going up the back and down the arm, & (4) lighter battery. The wireless safety glove is a significant improvement as is the power cabling being essentially out of the way. The current F3015 power and glove cables occasionally get in the way when pruning. Seeing the power charge LEDs on top isn’t important as the battery will last longer than you will each day. If I was picking again I would certainly go Infaco for safety and would pick the F3020 from what I’ve seen.

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Thanks Gary. I agree that the safety glove is crucial. I had the 3010 model and stopped using it because of the lack of that feature. The fact that the cord gets in the way is good intel – appreciated.