Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Has any one been? Any tips on what to do or avoid?

I was wanting to go but I have to stayin Indy for the Moto GP. i’ve worked the race before and it’s usually not too crowded. How many are in your group? I can try and request pit passes for your group.

Thanks John. I think we’re OK for pit passes. Hanging out with one of the sponsors of a car. Good to hear about the crowds though as I’m hoping for a quick exit when it’s over.

My experience with the NHRA race at Infineon does not bode well for a quick exit.

You have to be on 2 wheels to get out of there.

I think I’ll roll by Friday to check it out but probably not Sunday.

As far as leaving maybe this will help

There’s a back gate out behind T7 that goes to Lakeville Hwy, if it’s open.

Thanks Bob.

What Bob said - this is definitely less hectic than trying to exit out the front. That said, Indy weekend is nowhere near as busy as NASCAR weekend. Lauren and I forgot about it last year and accidently drove past the raceway on Sunday morning, before the race. While it was slow going on 37, it was not horrible.

Just got back from Friday @ Infineon. Whew, don’t forget the suntan lotion! From the look of the practice sessions I think the World Challenge Race after the Indy race on Sunday will have some good action.

Unfortunately my flight got cancelled. Must be the cloudy weather we are having.