Incredible wine bar in Sydney (AU)

Just went to Never seen anything like it. They have 44 wines, in bottle, under Argon, that you can taste or drink as you like. You get a card with chip (your tab), insert it in a slot, then each wine shows three prices for 25, 75, or 150 ml. You push the appropriate button, and if you’re sober enough to have put your glass under the correct spout, you’re in business. There were various sizes and shapes of stemware, very nice, and there is a constant supply of clean glasses. You can choose to taste/drink what you want, or go with their tasting menu.

The wines are all AU, but mostly boutique and lesser known ones (tho they had Penfold’s as well, for ex). We tried half a dozen, all good to excellent. I’ll post the TNs in WineTalk.

Very well run establishment. The food was excellent also, good quality and inventive.

Wish I knew this last year. The location in The Rocks is adjacent to the Sydney Opera House. Great location.

Right, that’s where it is. Very lively part of town. We only found out about it from some friends who know Sydney well.

Lots of fun with my daughter and her two kids. AU is very laid back, people are really nice. Things (like food) tend to be very expensive, but we are having a good time.

I haven’t done a detailed study, but restaurant prices are really up there compared to the US. Partly due to the relatively high minimum wage here ($44k/yr IIRC) and high food safety standards.

Bananas, incidentally, are not imported and the local crop was severely damage by a cyclone recently, so $2 for one is “normal”. But that’s an exception…