In search of Roero Riserva (nebbiolo)

I cannot find much information about Roero Riserva wines that are actually available in the US. A year or so ago I purchased a handful of 2005 and 2006 library release wines from Malvira. These were quit good and attractively priced. I have been looking around for other Roero Riservas that are high quality and actually available for purchase within NYS. Can anyone help with recommendations?

I had some older Monchiero last year, and thought it was a bit on the lean side. Given how niche the DO is one might just have to be opportunistic and acquire as they pop up, rather than make an organized hunt for what might be on the internet. Perhaps Italian restaurants might be a place to prowl, if they have not already sold off their aged stock.

The wines of Matteo Correggia are consistently good, and if I remember correctly they have a Roero Riserva. The availability in the US tends to be scarce though.

I endorse the Correggia recommendation. Val dei Preti and the d’Amsej, the later is the reserve but the former I’d go with as the better QPR, about $35. I’ve been able to find them on a limited basis. I think they probably drink better earlier than more illustrious areas. They still need 4-6 hours decanting to show up. Regards.

Exactly. Catch and catch-can. This is the only way I’ve found my Roero.

It looks like the 2007 Malvira is available. A producer whose white wines I have worked with, Deltetto, shows a 2016 available. Other than Correggia you might find Monchiero Carbone, that’s also with a larger importer.

They are hard to sell because they’re priced out about the same as entry level Barolo. I work for the company that represents Marco Porello. He has a fantastic one (IMHO) which I was able to taste last February. They sent some samples to the SlowFood tasting event even though we don’t sell it in the US. Ironically, we are bringing in an entry level Barolo from him this year which is made from sourced fruit but they still won’t bring in the Roero Riserva.

I bought a mixed case of Malvira’s 2010 Single Vineyard wines, but haven’t touched them yet. Still have about a half case of '05 & '07s laying around which are drinking beautifully.

Where did you find the 2010s?

Malvira has an importer in Minneapolis, so the product is pretty easy to get. I bought my mixed case a couple years ago, so guessing they are into some newer vintages now.

I would also recommend the Ca’Rossa ‘Mompissano’ riserva. I had an 07 a couple months ago that was great. It’s a single vineyard that is muscular enough to be a Barolo has two Malvira Roero Riservas in stock. I’ve had them both, good wines and good value.

Winex had the Malvira 04 Riserva in stock for a while which was great. Glad this thread came up I need to dig one out.