Impressions on 06 Kistler, 99 Flor de Pingus, 06 Turley Whi

Only impressions as I was hosting some people for dinner so did not take formal notes. It was a beautiful day on the patio so we grilled, wild fresh black cod with salt, pepper, garlic and finished with slices of french black truffles and a light butter sauce. YUM! Asparagus with balsamic vinegar and truffle salt.

2006 Kistler Sonoma Coast. Yummy right out of the gate. Great fruits, spices, vanilla. It opened as the night progressed, only having a few weird moments where it seemed a touch oaky. Glad I have a bunch of these.

1999 Flor de Pingus. WOW!! Great aromatics, super mouthfeel. Smooth, balanced, maybe a touch of brett??.

2006 Turley White Coat. A fun wine as always. Rich and lush, great flavors that went pretty well with the fish. I think the Kistler COULD have been the better match, but we polished off the Kistler while cooking.