Impressions 1949-1959 Cos d'Estournel

A group of us gathered for Friend’s 65th birthday celebration. In addition to other fantastic Wines we had a group of Cos From 1949 1953 1955 and 1959. I have occasionally had a older Bordeaux that were fantastic for 20 minutes and then went dead. With this concern in my mind I opted to not open the Wines early and instead went for PNP. The amazing part is every single wine was fantastic and even drink well 24 hours (Refrigerated overnight) later
They all had a perfect balance medium weight and great color. The bottle fills went anywhere from bottom neck to mid shoulder. With the exception of the 1949 I think they will all last another 20 years
What an amazing experience and one that I will seek in the future.
I wonder if the post 1980 bottlings will show so well in the future.

Thanks for the notes. Very interesting results.

Please correct your title to spell Cos d’Estournel correctly. It will help people in the future who use the search feature to find notes on wine.

Corrected. I have always been a terrible speller.


Wow, immaculate bottles for 60-70-year old wines.