Importing wine for personal use

In planning my trip to the Mosel, I want to get a wine suitcase to bring back some wines with us to MA. I know federal law allows this for personal consumption but I’m amazed that I’m having such a hard time finding information specific to MA. Anyone here bring in wine through customs at Logan Airport, with or without a wine suitcase, with any difficulty?

Did you read this? (I doubt federal CBP officials at Logan know or enforce the state regs but if you encounter a jerk/stickler for rules…)

Any person bringing alcohol into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, either as a Household Effect or a Gift, is required to hold a permit issued by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission to do so.

While I don’t have any specific experience at BOS I ALWAYS travel back from Europe with wine. Normally 1 case (9 liters) but this past November I came back with 2 cases (arriving into JFK). I’ve never had any issues (I do have global entry but no issues prior). I declare it and answer honestly when asked. You shouldn’t have any problems.

Remember that TSA is federal government and the link you provided is given out by the state/local government. Not sure a TSA employee would be able to enforce that. Plus the amount of time it would take for the paperwork would far outweigh any revenue generated…but hey, it is the government…but it’s not something that would worry me one bit.

TSA has nothing to do with customs.

We have another Federal agency for that role, part of which includes enforcing state laws regarding importation of some goods.

I had a long conversation with a CBP officer once on this very topic.

I have always declared it and been waved through. I have only done it one time in Boston but it was not a problem. As I have gotten older, I have also shipped cases and not had a problem. The duty on wine is so insignificant that they don’t bother.

It’s not my experience that Federal customs agents at airports enforce state alcohol regs. We’ve often bought one or two Wine Check’s (12 to 24 bottles) each into various airports in the US, always declared it, and never had a problem or even had to pay the very low duty that you’re technically liable for.

Declare it and you’ll often get waived through. The paperwork takes more time than the duty collected can cover.

Note that customs guys often don’t know the rules well. They see 2 cases of wine and think “ermahgerd”. Know the rules and be respectful.

I don’t think I’ve ever flown in through Boston, but every time I have flown in with wine I have declared it all (I think the max I ever did was somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 mixed cases), and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve been waved through every time. {knocks on wood}

Well I went for my Global Entry interview today and have that all squared away now. Probably won’t make a difference, but glad for the complimentary TSA Pre :slight_smile:

We just returned to Texas with two cases of wine. Use Global Entry. Declared. No problems.

Same here, case of wine from Germany entering US in Detroit yesterday. GE, declared wine, office said have a nice day

Just got my Global Entry approved. Looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:

The rules for alcohol import for a personal use are standard across the country