IG (Instagram) from WBers?

Saw Charlie do one of these on facebook… I think it’d be fun to follow some fellow WB. That and linking IG is super easy now.

Here’s mine:

Here I am

Edit: think I figured it out

oh, cool. I’ll play.

follow The Todd

Because Charlie stole my post I was going to put here, here’s another:


Feel free to post it in this thread.

Yup, we’ll make that ok because then if folks want to follow you, it’s off-site. We’ll update the OP to reflect that.

Also, Will, you’ll need to re-upload your avatar - you are one of the lucky ones whose avatar didn’t transfer

Hmmm… might be time to ditch the teletubbies.

I am sure it is easy but can someone provide a quick explanation.

Just saw Charlie’s post in the other thread.

Will is william&Mary wine? i thought will was Rivers Marie? i’m so behind the times… followed tho!

Finally joined the 21st century less than two weeks ago - still working on the hipster balla thing:

Like duhhh… neener

Wow this is pretty slick nice work Todd

Why does Instagram not have an iPad app?

It does, I have it installed. It’s probably an IOS issue. If you have an older iPad it probably won’t support the app unless you have 11.0 which cannot be loaded.

I don’t think IG has a dedicated Ipad app… it’s basically the iphone app blown up to the bigger screen… why don’t they have a dedicated ipad app? that’s a Zuck question :wink: