If you were going to buy a grill today what would you buy?

I tend to use BGE more than anything else, but it is convenient to have a gas grill as well. The existing one is on its last legs.

What would you buy?


I’ve had a Bull brand gas grill (built in) for years that’s served me well. That’s in addition to a BGE.

I just snagged a weber spirit 3 burner last week. My Father in Law has had one for years. They live out in the middle of nowhere Nebrasks. There it sits uncovered exposed to every type of weather imaginable, still no rust and thing fires up like a charm everytime. I too have an egg grill that I love but sometimes you need quick and easy.

I got rid of the gas grill when I got the Traeger. Gets to temp just about as fast. It doesn’t sear, but it still grills nicely for my taste when I need a quick grilled meal.

I recently bought a Weber Genesis II 335 and I’m quite happy with it so far!


I’ve had a couple and they last forever and simply work well and all the time. My current ones are both 10+ years old and I’ve done zero to maintain them and they look and work like new.

They have that “thunk” and “heft” that Mercedes Benz car doors once had.

I have a big green egg, so I don’t think a traeger is a fit for me- thanks though

I’m a little surprised to see so much Weber love

The follow-on model to what I have now: The Weber 22" Original Kettle Premium, plus the rotisserie. I’d go 26" if they made a rotisserie for it.

EDIT: I see you were looking for gas. Well, nevermind.

A chimney starter and a Weber 22" or a PK. The gas cooking you can do indoors.


I have a Weber Genesis that I have used and abused for the past 11 years. I am trying to kill it so I can get new one, but it just won’t die.


I got a Weber Summit S470 - $2K for this bad boy. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s way too much grill for me, definitely wish I had a Genesis and $1,300.

I saw this grill on a TV grilling show and thought it was awesome… until I checked the price.

Paul I bought a Napoleon similar to this 6 years ago at Bourlier on Woodward in Royal Oak. It has performed perfectly.

Just bought the Weber Spirit II - a small gas grill that is so easy to use. I have given away Weber charcoal grills, Weber gas fired charcoal grills…you name it. I want quick and easy and this is doing the job for 1-2 people.

regarding the link to the Kalamazoo grill posted above…

I have the Kalamazoo hybrid grill and love it.

I love Wilfred’s grill as well.

Got daaaaamn, that’s crazy

I’ve got a Weber (can’t recall exactly which model, but it has three zones and then a side burner) that’s at least 15 years old. I’ve literally yet to replace anything other than the original flavor bars with stainless steel ones, and the grate (also with stainless), both of which I did at least a decade ago as the stock versions will eventually rust. It’s not big enough to cook for a really large group of people, doesn’t probably kick out anywhere as much in the way of BTUs when you want to lay a sear on, and doesn’t have fancy features like the ability to raise/lower the grate level. But can’t complain about dependability… the damn thing is solid.

Having said that, it’s nowhere near as full featured or able to lay on the heat when compared with a higher end grill, and so I’d vote for the Kalamazoo grill. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at a lot of grills lately because we are planning a backyard refresh. We settled on the Kalamazoo hybrid. My buddy has one and it’s awesome.