If you left the 2005 McPrice Myers L'Ange Rouge at my house at BF 2.5, THANKS!

  • 2005 McPrice Myers Grenache L’Ange Rouge - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (3/6/2016)
    Left at our house after Berserkerfest 2.5 in 2010. Roast prime rib, two sons, the wife of one of them, my wife and me. “What kind of wine do you want?” A pinot and a grenache. Ok. Let’s check CT for the Granache. Oh look, there’s a 10+ year old from California. Let’s try it. 15 minute decant. Mmmmmmm. Delicious. Roughness is gone. Smooth raspberry with no real sweetness. Not tart raspberry but not sweet ether. Excellent balance. Very smooth. Beginning to develop some background cherry and secondary flavors with maybe a very tiny bit of vanilla. Moderate finish. But still no major signs of age. Interesting in that it reminded me of the flavor profile of the Janasse Chaupin that I had at Matter of Taste, but that was a very recent vintage. A lot of people seem to think that McPrice Myers is an extreme over the top, over extracted wine. I did not find it as such. (92 pts.)

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This is the wine that turned me on to McPrice. Sadly, it only took a couple years for my tastes to change, I we stopped buying. I do recall, however, the '05 Grenache not being nearly as “big” as many of his other wines. Nice to see TN pop-up for McPrice — he’s a great guy.

Coño Jay thanks. I have a couple of bottles left of this wine and was kind of afraid to open them. Will do so now!

Not a wine to drink while wearing a tutu, but not Saxum either.

I can’t believe it. I just posted on the “Big wines please” thread that McPrice Meyers should be in the running, stating that I had never heard a Berserker reference that producer. Then I see this a couple of clicks down the line.

I honestly think I left it there…your wife was ‘collecting bottles’ at the door, and they were hauled away, I presume into your cellar. :slight_smile:

All I know is that I found it in the back yard the following morning among the leftovers and since no one had opened it, I put it downstairs with a Peachy Canyon Zinfandel and a 2006 Hall Cabernet Sauvignon Jack’s Masterpiece, which were the other two lonely wines that were never opened. The Peachy Canyon is long gone but I still have the Hall. The half empty bottles were combined and used to make the gravy for the greatest Beef Bourguignone ever made.

This was the year Linda Baehr was with the group, right? That Peachy Canyon Zin was hers, I believe. Jay now sees the benefit of hosting an event - leftovers!!!

Yes. Leftovers are a big plus. I am expecting everyone to bring at least three bottles for Memorial Day. [cheers.gif]

If it wasn’t Todd, it was probably me. We were on the mailing list for a couple of years, but with each successive vintage the abv% got higher and the extraction denser, so we dropped off.

I know you like that style Jay, but me and the Mrs., not so much anymore.