If you had to pick 2 Champagne Producers......

If you could only drink from 2 houses, what would they be?

Assuming price was no issue, but also doesn’t have to be the driving factor…and why?

Taittinger and Delamotte. Hard to leave out Ruinart.

Why? Love CDC and it is a great value for the quality.

Delamotte’s 2008 is so good and an excellent value while Salon is just great.

Cedric Bouchard and Vilmart with Bereche reluctantly left out


Taittinger and Krug

Krug because no one does the style better. Bouchard would be my initial choice for 2 but maybe Marguet due to the fact that there are so many good choices in the lineup. All the vineyard wines would keep things interesting year to year.

Can I count LVMH as a house?

Krug…so much in my wheelhouse! Could you imagine to be able to drink ALL five of those wines daily!

DP…such iconic wine…don’t even need the others produced by Moet.

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Bollinger, and I would say Roederer (mainly Cristal) as a contrasting style. Then I could have the American Roederer as a daily drinker, lol.

Hard to give up Krug, Charles Heidsieck and Pol Roger tho

Probably Taittinger and Roederer. Krug 3rd for me.


Chartogne Taillet and Ulysse Collin.

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he didn’t say you get to drink them every day, only that you could only drink from two houses! Sorry, Buzz.

Roederer and Vilmart

Dom Perignon and Philipponnat.

Krug and Prevost.

Same here.

Egly-Ouriet and Selosse

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Taittinger and Krug

Krug and DP

Roederer and Krug

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Krug and Delamotte

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Vilmart and Taittinger.

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