If Everything were Normal, and Teleportation were Possible....

we went in 2016 and again in 2018. Amazing both times

Beach House in Kauai . Would spend the day snorkeling there, go back to my lodging for a shower , and drinks and dinner with that awesome sunset view.

The bar at Gramercy Tavern, with old and new friends, amid old wine.

with very little thought having been put into my answer, The French Laundry.

If I actually thought about it long and hard, I would probably come-up with some French or Japanese establishment I’d rather go to.

Teleportation, eh? I’m cheating a bit, Sarah by naming three meals, but here goes anyway.

Breakfast would be at certain street food stall in Hanoi that serves Char Siu with rice noodles.

El Mercado in Lima for lunch.

And then State Bird for dinner.

My friend Jazmin’s outdoor restaurant overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica, Rancho Cielo Alto.

Chauncey Creek Lobster, Kittery Maine or Over The Edge Cayman Islands

I am a simple man… hopefully, they would be crowded, noisy, and not a mask in sight.

I would dearly love to be at the hawker market in Penang eating skate wing with sambal grilled in banana leaf.

If the teleporter was also a time machine I had many fine seasonal meals (before that was a thing) at Roller’s in Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill). I think I’d go spring for shad roe or soft shells but there were treats every season.

Similar to Kevin, I would go to the Maxwell Road Hawker Center in Singapore, and just eat until I was in a coma. Noodles with roast duck would be first up, then some chicken rice…

This question makes me think of the meals I’ve enjoyed most in my life. They are often quite simple, with very fresh ingredients, carefully prepared. One that really sticks in my memory, after many many years, was on Curaçao. We were with two friends, he being a paleontologist who studied fossil snails. As we drove up the island, we stopped at some really beautiful small beaches, pristine, basically undeveloped. At one point he swam about half a mile across a lagoon to get to a site of interest. This was in summer; it was fairly hot and by afternoon we were ready for an ice cream. So we stopped at a shack with an outside awning and a few tables and chairs, to indulge. . A beautiful spot, not much else around. Finishing the ice cream, we noticed that they were also a restaurant, and had a sign for fresh red snapper. Even though it was only about 4:00 or so we said “why not?” and ordered dinner. The fish was absolutely fresh, no doubt caught that day, and grilled perfectly, with some nice accompaniments. The taste has never been equalled since, in my experience. A real Anthony Bourdain moment.

I can’t imagine the place is still there, so I’d need a time travel machine to revisit it. But hey, this is the place for fantasy, no?

I like your style…

The nice thing about teleportation is that we can take the dogs with us :slight_smile:

So the four of us will have breakfast at Le Comptoir Le Relais Saint Germain, pick up some pastries at Pierre Herme for lunch and take them for a walk in Le Jardin de Luxembourg and return to Le Comptoir for dinner, sitting at one of the outside tables with the dogs watching the people go by.

A four hour lunch anywhere just sounds like heaven right now.

I would be sitting under the trees at Sigalas winery in Santorini having a crisp Assiyrtiko and a lovely cheese and olive plate. Someday soon…

I would go to a wet market in Wuhan and eradicate the bats.

Don’t forget their sundried tomatoes

Taillevent with M. Vrinat and Jean-Marie Ancher both overseeing the room. Service has never been better, classic cuisine, and a wine list to drool over.

I have a small restaurant near me which has 6 socially distanced tables set up under a tent on a small triangular section of pavement separated from the main street by planters. It’s rare for more than one other table to be occupied (they mostly do coffee and takeout) and while it’s only open for breakfast and lunch I go there at least once a week and pretend I’m on vacation. I bring something to read and take my time, sipping an espresso to finish. It’s one of the highlights of my week and helps me keep my sanity.

It helps that the owner is friendly, I’m a regular, and the food is very good. Not as good as any place mentioned above but in the favorite neighborhood place sense.

Thanks Jay.