If Everything were Normal, and Teleportation were Possible....

…what restaurant would you go to?

Anywhere in the world, lunch or dinner, if you could snap your fingers and be there for your reservation (or walk-in) right now, where would it be?

For us, Culler de Pau in O Grove, Spain for lunch. Sun pouring in the windows, light sparkling on the water, quiet and cool room with wonderful food and bright acidic wines and all our usual friends in the kitchen and front of house. 4 hours of lunch with maybe a gin tonic to finish. A touch of ritual, a lot of welcome.

Great thread! The best I’ve been to was probably Restaurant Pearl Morissette. Been to many top Michelin star restaurant in NA and Europe, and this was the best:

To be clear, I don’t necessarily mean the best you’ve been to, just where you most want to go after so long not being allowed to go anywhere. I personally am missing the comfort of a beloved place, familiar and warm, as well as delicious.

Well after our conversation this weekend and seeing Atsushi’s photos from being there this past weekend it would definitely be Kadeau Bornholm! And I will see your sun and raise with a little rain.

Although State Bird might be tied…

Nepenthe Big Sur

Tough question. Bizarrely, the first thing that comes to mind is Barr in Copenhagen. Far from the best restaurant I’ve been to, but so satisfying and in such a comforting and happy setting.

Others that immediately come to mind are (limiting to places I’ve been):

Sawada (Tokyo) – Calm and perfection
Troisgros (Ouches) – To me, still the perfect destination restaurant. And the wine list.
L’Ami Jean (Paris) – The packed, jovial atmosphere is the opposite of social distancing.
Arpege (Paris) – Cozy, sunny, and infinitely satisfying.
Neptune Oyster (Boston) – Similar to L’Ami Jean, it’s the anti-social distancing restaurant
Blue Hill at Stone Barns (Tarrytown) – Great place to take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything is okay.

Racine’s in lower Manhattan. The staff and the chef are knowledgeable and pleasant. Oh, and the food is delicious. Corkage free on Monday.

Nice idea for a topic, Sarah! Started me reminiscing. Settled on this one: L’ Auberge Restaurant, La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent, Poitu-Charentes, France.

P. S. Time travel would also be required

Right now? probably no where since it’s a little scary to dine in :smiley:

Kidding aside, probably Noma where we had a reso in April we had to cancel :frowning:
Or the hotel restaurant at the Four Seasons Bora Bora…

Read the title - if everything were normal! So scary isn’t an issue.

Way up there on our list, too. What a wonderful place.

Breakfast from Du Pain et des Idees, followed by lunch at Les Enfants du Marche, followed by dinner at Arpege.

Great restaurant. I was just thinking this weekend of a small sideria in Cordillera, Asturias that serves huge platters of impeccable seafood, simply prepared. I’d take that

Absolutely :slight_smile: that’s why i said kidding aside… .the serious answer is Noma [cheers.gif]

Being a person of simple tastes, it would either be steak tartare and Coq au Vin at Bistro Jeanty in Yountsville or the tasting menu at Atoboy in NYC. But then, lunch at Galatoire’s is always a hoot!

doesn’t matter as long as its in Italy and there’s a nonna doing the cooking.

Etxebarri for me is THE PLACE and lunch is the meal

two possibilities: Troisgros, site of the two best meals of my life, haven’t been to their new digs, or my mom’s kitchen. She’s been dead almost two decades and I’d really enjoy one more of her meals and to see her, even though she wasn’t a strong cook.

We’re explorers so the next find from the trip that didn’t happen this year. Some where on or near Lake Como. Beam me up Scotty.

This is the first thing that popped into my head as well because my wife and I were just talking about it the other day. We went about 10 years ago and it was really great on a lot of levels. I’ve read it has gotten a little fancier these days so would like to compare to our old experience.