IDTT: Joel Peterson

The most recent IDTT podcast by Levi Dalton was just recently released and he interviewed Joel Peterson of Ravenswood. Really entertaining listen and a nice perspective of early Zinfandel wine making. If you got 80 mins to kill on a commute I would recommend giving it a play.

Listened to this last week on a two hour drive. It was very good.

Keep a bottle of Ravenswood (or Once & Future) handy. You’ll be thirsty!

At a Bedrock Winemaker Dinner in Berkeley a couple years ago, Morgan hosted the dinner and Joel attended (and served a couple awesome old vintages of Ravenswood). The food was excellent, the Bedrock and Ravenswood wines terrific but the highlight of the evening for me was Joel talking about his years of experience making wine and also interacting with Morgan. An evening filled with great wine and good stories.


I loved Joel’s stories as well. I had an opportunity to meet him last year when he was in Chicagoland. I will give it a listen. Thx.

Edit: Just listened. Cool stuff…


Fabulous. Here is a link: - YouTube


It was a great listen. I only wish they had spent more time discussing Once & Future.